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Ok Derin you can go to HELL because there is NO reason why I should be banned. The admins / mods are sticking together around here banning anyone that lodges complaints against them. They are abusive and down right rude with players and if you complain about the mods and thier abusive behaviour you end up getting banned. Players should have EVERY right to complain about abusive mods but it seems the creators really don't care. Well this game is a JOKE and it will never make it as a Pay to Play game no one is going to put up with all of your BULLSHIT.


The mods here are abusive and abuse the powers given to them there have been

many complaints against the mods and thier abusive behaviour and nothing has been done about it. I am not going anywhere and I demand that this ban and the denoob and everything else be removed from me. Just because some one complains about the mods and thier abusive behaviour does NOT give you the right to ban a person. This is utter BULLSHIT and I demand that it immediately cease and desist.

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