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Found 1 result

  1. Varus MADr Scammers

    I went to the invance the other day..Yeah..I died and lost a brick...ffs. I figured well wtf.there are only 14 monsters left which means it is big shit like MB's or dragons...So I think ok, I go stay near the front of the fort and help protect / range if need np...But. Varus is on the wall rangieng and while he range a giant to the gate area, Alphabet was tanking on a Ice drag at the Gate..so I manage to get near alphabet and try range for himn but in meantime giant comeing becuase of the pr0 ranger on wall..any..make long story and gripeing short..Yes I died "again"...I come back, Varus has my DB ..Now he rufuse to give it back.,He calls game mods telling them lies that Im afk at the invance which now is pure BS.Multani was there at the gate haveing issues with ...ofc..(Gruein out!)..So I stay there and Wizzy come and say..Someone said your here afk... o0 Not! I was trying to get my db back from varus..Well anyhow varus plays these kids games and says shit like this 27:43] [PM from Sandman: [PM from mercator: Varus asked me to give you a Message:] [PM from mercator: Varus said: 2 rostos for bag back] So Today! I Pm radu and ask...ok I got a stone for you and one for varus..Radu said He dont want the stone...Now varus just straight out fucking lied....MADr is not to be trusted...believe it..Orick and all