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Found 1 result

  1. Banned for macro.

    Hi, my name (ingame) is Fenduriel. I was banned last night by Aislinn for macroing. It's first time of me getting ban like this ( i was banned for several things when i was a kid like 6-7 years ago ). I know it is against the rules. I am really truly sorry for what i did. The reason of breaking the rules is my curiosity. I found some articles on unoff EL site about this and wanted to see if it actually works. Well - it worked and bang - i got banned. I mixed like 5-6 k of he by this program, dont know how much exactly. I mixed like 100k fe by my own hand ( 2 mouses died because of this ^ ^ ) before doing this. I understand if You will not unban me ( ip banned too ). I know EL till 2004 and i always come back for more or less breaks. I have finally made my own bank account to make my own p2p char.. My bad, i know - that was against the rules, i wont do this again (i put too much work before to lost everything for stupid macro ). If You can trust me and unban my char i will do everything to gain my reputation back. It was a stupid mistake after 2 months of working on this char, so if u let me back to the game, i would be very grateful. Fenduriel.