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  1. Contest

    okay ummm..... ITS BEEN MORE THAN AN HOUR!!!!!!!!!!!!!! can we plz have our next clue...
  2. for sale

    plz give me your price on all the saphire emerald and diamond books, individually. if its not TOO much i will buy them, or atleast a few. plzpm me in game when youc can =)
  3. Drop book sale...

    umm i still havent found you online to buy the newest elf fighting book...please sign on soon so i can get it.
  4. I know we have all heard it before...the desire for some new quests. its been a long time since there were some new ones. the rewards dont even have to be amazing, just enough so that you can enjoy doing the quest =) For anyone who agrees or has ideas for new quests, please post here!
  5. Drop book sale...

  6. Drop book sale...

    ill take tit mining plz. im same name in game
  7. ffej is a scammer and a lier

    ok, whatever, everything i said was true. and whats more, after this whole ordeal was over, he tells me i got what i wanted, and he got what he wanted!!!!! thats suck a load of bs, i lost a bunch of stuff, and he made some easy profit. definetly not what i had in mind while looking for a training partner.
  8. ffej is a scammer and a lier

    the basic gist of it is, he wanted to be my pvp partner, no bag keeping. we went, i died, lost a bucnh of stuf, imprtant stuff was a titanium chain mail and a fast regeneration cape. refused to give it back, and claimed that it didnt matter what i said because he has the most powerful player in the game in his guild ( dont know if true or not, but hes in PKG) pretty much was nice, then stabbed me in the back and laughed. it really sucks, wathc out for him