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  1. Attributes cap for the main server

    A cap is needed, but 48 is way too low.
  2. Character appearance

    Ah ok. They look ok. Definitely more realistic.
  3. Character appearance

    The torsos appear to be out of proportion imo..They look alot longer compared to the legs...Just my opinion..Doesn't make any difference to me..I'd play if we went to stick figure probably.
  4. If EL were RL.....

    If EL were RL then I'd be looking for a sulfur mine to go with the red roses and red snaps growing in my back yard...and I'd also be able to kick that stupid deer that keeps eating the lettuce in my garden.... Wait...if el were rl..does that mean radu would be president?? Or...would Bush be teh_g0d?
  5. Skeptic Perk

    worried that as soon as they take the perk Ent will make astrology better Same here, I know as soon as I take it Ent's gonna do something to seriously make me wish I hadn't. So I'll just wait and see.
  6. Active Hyperbag "Treasure Hunts"

    I was harving gypsum into a hyperbag not long ago and had about 2k harved and had to go afk. So I went to seal the bag and noticed it told me the bag was full??? So it kicked about 20 srs I'd had in the bag back into my inv, I left, went to storage, went afk. Came back later that evening and opened the bag (had #mark'd it on map) and what do I see? My bag mixed in with someone elses. Dunno how that happened, but I moved my 2k to a new location and sealed the bag. I don't know how the bags got mixed when I made my bag in that spot, but my point is, I could have helped myself to about 10k gypsum, but I didn't, I closed the bag and left it, and deleted the mark off my map so as not to disturb someones stuff. I see it as someone worked really hard to harv all that, so its not mine. Why should I take it? BTW- to my understanding, if there is a hyperbag in the spot you are standing and you make a new bag and seal it on that same spot, they are not supposed to mix together right? If that's right, then houston we have a problem, cause I've had it happen more than once.
  7. Quote of the week submissions

    This happened at VOTD storage earlier. Scorpius is now my lil sister instead of my lil brother I guess heheehehe.
  8. Effect of astrology on training

    Well, also it seems that my pvp partner isnt having the greatest luck with training on monsters either with the new system. think it took him 7 restores on dcw, when he normally might heal once. I myself haven't tried training on monsters yet. Think my sign is 7 and his is 6 and he is just uber unlucky it seems.
  9. HarvestinG OrDeRS!

    2k iron, 2k coal, 2k sulfur please and thank you. PM me or Gossip me in game when you have it, im not playing alot but do try to log in to check messages in game.
  10. Effect of astrology on training

    I reset with a guildie (Burfoot) before the astrology system was implemented. His attack level is like 10-15 levels higher than mine, our defense is only off by a few lvls (his being higher). We specifically made my p/c higher after the reset to counter his higer stats. We pvpd last night for the first time since the new system was implemented (i've been on a bit of a leave) and he's taken 10 more coord than me now. I demolished him last night with my lower stats. I'm not complaining, just find the difference now to be a bit astounding. With his higher a/d/p/c normally I would be having to heal alot, but in the hour we trained I healed once, he healed 10+ times. Again not complaing, moaning, bitching, crying, just stating the difference I have seen with the new system.
  11. Forum registration

    Please approve Darkdrizzt, he is a guildie of mine. Thank you.
  12. Selling NMT Cloak

    Auction closed a few hours early, due to the fact I may not be here at 8 p.m CST. Tico was the winner. Please lock or remove this thread. Thank you all for bidding.
  13. Selling NMT Cloak

    Offer withdrawn, Tico is still the highest bidder.
  14. Selling NMT Cloak

    I'm selling 1 NMT cloak to the highest offer. No offers less than 100K will be accepted. Place offer here, or pm me here on forums, or pm me in game. Please increase offers by no less than 10K thank you. **edit** Will end Sunday evening around 8pm CST **edit**
  15. Keyboard doesnt work =/ [SOLVED]

    I'm having this same issue as well, just curious if there will be a patch or something to fix this anytime soon.