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  1. Leonard - Victim #1

    Eeeeeeks!!! must be a polydactyl kitty....*almost* like having opposable thumbs.... This is gonna add some spice, Ent..thx (I think) Tigs
  2. Eiron

    eMPi: Yes, I understand he is new. He *does* use channel 1. Luckily, his english is good enough for that...but that is not the same as understanding rapid-fire PM's. Most of my EL life was spent in a guild w/ most players not native english speakers. I have always defended people who can communicate (tho not perfectly)in english when it is not their first language. (most of these speak better than many "native" speakers lol) I say: all you who have english as 2nd or 3rd lang....you speak better than I can in yours!! Many many Kudos!!! I agree, he is new, and probably understands little. He is almost certainly not bad person/evil player, just does not yet know..... so yes, to these players who were bagjumped and others..yes, have patience, be aware, and remember when you were new. Also imagine this game in another language than yours..even worse/harder! I just also say...*until* he understands, people still need to watch out, and that is important to know too. Tigs
  3. Eiron

    Now, try using some empathy (yeah, I know it's difficult) and imagine how Eiron read PMs from Keegs_Mom. Did he understand all of them? I doubt it. I will not comment on first point you mention as the English might have been an impossible to get over obstacle here. On the contrary, I find this post more a warning that Keegs_Mom has no patience and jumps to conclusions and threatening in few seconds. Once again, his English might have made it impossible for him to understand how to get here. Moreover, he needs to register to give his answer here. Will he be able to do it? Probably, with help of others. Additionally, how the hell he was supposed to know it was Keegs_Mom's bag. Read peino's post. He might have seen people going to the bag and taking stuff out of it. He just followed them. Sure, he was explained, later, what was going on. Qeustion, though - how much did he understand? Finally, this is SECOND PM to Eiron: Give me a break, in second PM Eiron got called a bag jumper (did he understand the term?) and threatened with Outlaws forums. Additionally, he is treated like a pet "I don't see you real soon back here". Woof woof. Moreover, it looks like Eiron was PMing with somebody else explaining him the situation and these PMs got into the chat causing even more confusion. Now, if somebody in his second post calls me a bagjumper and uses threats I would consider this person rude. Most probably I'd not PM back and ignore any words from this person side. Let's get facts straight. I do not say Eiron was in his rights. I do claim, though, the issue was handled in terrible manner. Nobody should jump on others yelling they are bagjumpers, threatening them. Especially, if the other side has huge problems with understanding English. First: please do not presume I have no empathy. Talk to some players that have known me for some time (up to ~3 years), and I think you will find out otherwise. I didn't say the player was eeeebul or bad. I *said* this post is a valid warning to OTHERS that this person has jumped a bag. Eiron's understanding of what he did,or not understanding it, is not what I was talking about. Others should be cautious unless/until he does understand. This is true and valid. The post to #gm was rude imo also. It was not the conversation with Keegs_mom. This is the conversation I was talking about. Note: it was not Keeg's_Mom that threatened in that post (whenever it was pm'd to Eiron). I did not mean to say noone was rude. I said Keegs_Mom was not rude, and DID try to explain in HER pms with Eiron. Also please note my "bottom line": I WOULD give such a new player another chance. I hope he can connect with people that can explain to him in his own language...it HAS to be hard to understand otherwise. I am NOT saying, nor ever did that he is a bad person. I only said: it is a valid warning to others for now. (#edit--spelling)
  4. Eiron

    Yes, it seems Eiron is a new player, and english is not his first language (I have seen him on chan 1). Several points: 1) this is a valid warning to others..whether he took 15 sulfur or all of it is not the point. He was told he should not take others things; told that it is legal, but frowned on by most players He chose to keep them anyway. 2) The post itself is a warning, if he is told ingame how to get here. That is if he is not given the idea that its OK to have done this. He took because he needed without thinking that others needed it AND worked for it. He *can* get sulfur on his own..no books to read, just a pair of gloves, which many ppl will give away to a new player. 3)The rudeness point: I don't see what was said to Eiron as being impolite. K_M may have gone too fast for him, but she was not rude. Bottom line: he stole the bag, was told about community rules/outlaws forum. He chose to keep it. I would personally give him a second chance, due to point #1(he may yet learn better) but still valid to let people know this new player is (right now) willing to take what he wants (and can get himself, IF he only took sulfur) rather than work for it himself..... Tigs
  5. Creature Ranking

    In re: creature levels/difficulty in 20's /30's. Alt started looking into this at early thirties, but this is what I have found so far: Wolf Gentoo Penguin King Penguin Unarmed Male Gob Chinstrap Penguin (almost doesn't hit, when it does..almost no dmg ) great exp) Large Spider (crits less than small garg) Small Garg Large Garg Med Garg Haven't tested the Chinstrap yet, as the darn Yeti keeps getting in the way!! Also, hard to tell between wolf and gentoo as the fights are a bit short/easy at this level. I'll keep testing and trying, and adding to this post as I learn more Edited after more testing, and getting to chinstraps
  6. Energy Problems

    Got to agree. I don't see how bad power company is Ent's fault. If you lose power, he has no control over that. Improve your service, get UPS, generator, etc.. Tigs
  7. Post your video card info here

    Video card: GeForce 7600 GT/PCI/SSE2 Vendor ID: NVIDIA Corporation OpenGL Version: 2.0.3 No problems so far
  8. God Mode'd Mortos should not PK anymore

    Thank you Ent . While I agreed that Acelon was breaking traditions ( and perhaps rules??) here, I am glad to see that his long dedication, hard work, and many good decisions in this game are also being taken into account. Everyone makes mistakes: moderators, developeres, players. I know I've made some doozies in my life! Tigs
  9. New Enterance :)

    As another point of view: There were 2 reasons I was drawn into this game: (1)there WAS so much to figure out, and it was therefor a challenge, and (2) Live help from real people IMO, these two things together really make EL a place where people start to work together and help each other, and keep the overall IQ of players above the moronic level. Also, other games that have a simple tutorial island work nicely, but they also have a very limited skill set. This is not the case in EL. Tigs
  10. City building

    I think there would be advantages/disadvantages in both options. I guess my opinion/input would depend on what is done with the money to found a town. For instance 1: money poofs, and town is implemented 2: money goes into a "town fund" that allows the citizens to build the options into their town they wish, depending on what options are available for town and what people want 3: (endless variations on #2) If the money just goes "poof" and a "standard town" gets built( at least at first) then I prefer the first option of giving to an NPC. It allows more interaction with people you may not yet know....more like a real town. If #2 or some variation of this is intended, then there will need to be more discussion and agreement about what people want in their town to start off with. In this case, I think that it would be better to have a trusted person(s) hold the money until it is all collected. To use this option through an NPC would imho create too many disagreements and problems, as the people contributing to the town would not know who else was joining the town or what the plan for the town was. Hence many people would want vastly different things for "their" town, and nothing would ever get done and/or noone would ever be happy about their town. Just my 2 cents.
  11. @ atlantis No, but I *have* played at combat archery...and it isn't for me!!
  12. Now these are both true, very true!!! small human errors and environmental factors definitely multiply a lot over distance. I hadn't realized we were talking about making shots from those sorts of distances. (I don't make shots at distances I probably can't make the shot, but that is RL. At these distances, I couldn't make EITHER shot and it wouldn't make a difference either!!! ) However, ingame...perhaps it would make a difference, but variable winds, etc would still make such a huge difference I think, that relative sizes of playable characters would be *almost* irrelevant. ( I know whereof I speak...I do regular "clout shoots" of minimum distances of 150 yds. with traditional gear, and being within even 1 yard of the ground target is pretty good) Also, at *these* sorts of distances, bows are shot at an elevated angle (at least traditional bows are.....like a "clout shoot"), and at these distances, except for very high objects, both large and small races should be able to shoot over themequally well. That being said, it sounds like you are very interested in doing this. I know I am getting very picky about something I know too much about in RL. (Hazard of being a Virgo, I guess ) You asked for opinions and so I gave mine. But I am certainly not going to have a fit or scream about how it is "unrealistic" if/when you decide to put this in-game. I don't care all that much about "realistic" as long as it is enjoyable, and it would be enjoyable for players either way.
  13. So IRL you could hit a rat or a tigger the same, so long as you aim in the same general area? If I aim in the same "general area" , yes. I wouldn't hit either, which is a point many people don't realize, and I am trying to point out. When "aiming small" , no , I probably wouldn't hit the same number of times with *those* examples. However, a deer and a bear would be about the same, which is closer to the situation in game for the playable races. ..barring the fright factor, of course. Tigs
  14. I voted no, because in reality, when you arch, you don't aim for the whole target if you actually intend to hit anything. You aim for a very focused area *in* the target. When you aim for the whole target...you miss... And I bet the heart is not that different in size between the races! Tigs
  15. Missile implementation on the client

    It may well be higher as there seem to be a lot of factors that need to be taken into account. I found quite a few conflicting sources when I was looking last time. The site I chose gives a pretty good account of the physics involved in medieval archery which is why I used it. It just happened to put it closer to 60m/s. To be honest though, choosing 60 or 80m/s is pretty mute when you looking at the result over the nine meters or so we are talking about. I was merely showing the numbers so that whoever comes to do the animation doesn’t attempt to render the arrow in detail at every step of the path. Incidentally, the site you chose is talking about a modern (circa 1960's) compound bow which is an entirely different beast to the medieval long bow. In case it makes any difference for folks, from someone who builds bows.....and measures FPS to help determine design efficiency...a reasonably efficiently built selfbow estimate is actually near enough: bow weight +100 fps, so a 50 pound longbow should come in around 150 fps. Medieval 100 lb longbows around 200 fps and so forth. recurves are more complicated..... (edit: sp)