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  1. I merged the two post topics of Mallards together, as he is a bad duck. Perhaps he got a touch of West Nile Virus like many of the Mallards and this is the cause, but regardless 2 topics on the same bad bird within 2 hours of each other need to stay on 1 thread please :)

  2. He can be lured, just people with any time in the game or any common sense would not fall to that trap. Apparently he does not have the common sense and is declaring unfair play for simple game dynamics -->thus proving again he has no common sense.


    It is only BAD when he is lured as a newb, since he is not, who cares :)

  3. The forum is on a free or relatively free site, so it is paid for by allowing the advertising to be displayed. Now, EL is against cheating, but we are also against paying for a forum if the game itself is not making any money (i.e. no subscriptions to buy to play). Now, if you would like to donate a site to us to host the forum on, we will no longer have to use something with the ads by Google. Looking at the two evils (1: advertising other games that involve cheating; and 2: paying for a site for a free game to have a forum), I would have to say that the second choice is a worse evil.

  4. This thread has turned into an unbelievable quest of accusations and incinuations that have absolutely nothing to do with the topic. If you have issues with mods, then take it to us--any of us. Rule 27: Moderation is not to be discussed publically. Mod powers is not to be discussed. Furthermore, you have no fucking clue as to what these powers actually do--if anything at all.


    Mods are not biased toward or against guilds. If they were they would no longer be mods.


    So I am abusing my mod powers here and now by locking this thread.

  5. The people that normally re-instate those banned are both out of the country on separate vacations. They (Entropy and Aislinn) both have limited internet access. Please wait until they come back or can get connection to respond. Repeatedly asking us in this forum for a reply wont get you any points, as we cannot answer your questions at this time.

  6. I remember last time mods Zap!'ed you to the arena on request till the stands were full, then then when you wished to leave, you just had to PM one of the multiple mods there with green names, and they ZAP'ed ya to NPC_tutorial :icon13: worked great.


    I recall that as well.

  7. So he called you a noob??!?? So what? If he called you a sheepshaggingcowpoke then that would be rude. He was just making an observation as far as I can tell. And don't think that because I am a mod that I am defending Ace here, as everyone knows I think that Ace is a n00b! :icon13:

  8. Due to the fact that two of the people that can do anything and decides what the outcome of this situation will be are OUT OF TOWN on holidays, we cannon answer to your liking. Please wait until they return (2 weeks) and they will decide what is to be done in this instance.

  9. This thread does not have "operators standing by for your call". It is monitored daily--however not read every time you have a brain fart another thing to state. If you continue to respond to your own posts and spam, it does nothing but irritate us. Remember: You failed to follow the rules the first time and a "possibility" of an unbanning does NOT constitute an EMERGENCY situation on our part.

  10. Seems all this thread is is a loophole so a person now has their Runescape char publicly advertised :laugh:


    As much as I hate to admit it, I think you are right.



    As for the rest of this crap, I see no scam or illegal action thus far. Someone selling an account of another game is not illegal as long as its not done publically. If the person repeatedly hassles you about it, type #ignore <player name>. No money or items have been scammed as of yet, so its all fair thus far.

    If you decide to take the "deal" so be it. I have no idea why you would want the account of another game, much less that game (I refuse to say the name as it makes me want to puke)--but that is your business as long as you dont make it public.


    Point is, scamming is legal in game, and does belong here--but you have yet to prove that this is a scam. Some noob is "selling" an account and until someone "buys" this account and "proves" with screenies that it does not exist then this matter is closed. Send me a forum PM with the actual proof and I will reopen this thread for that proof. Until then, I am closing this rediculous chapter of "OMG!!! Someone tried to sell me something!!!"

  11. It's a good idea, but it is too complicated to implement. If someone wants to do it through a bot or some external website, that's OK.


    @Sheesh: That won't work, because if the auctions are open, someone else will bid a higher price.


    Not the way the Auction houses work in other games like WOW and similar games of this sort. There is a buyout price to get it all at once. If just an open end auction, then yes. But the buyout is the clencher.

  12. I have also played games in which auction houses are used. However, although they are nice, these games also have a way to post items to their other alts.


    Seeing we do not have multiplay here with alts, I see that Auction houses would only circumvent the no trading with your alt circumstances.

    For example: SheeshMule1 "auctions" 10k silver ore real cheap and then logs out. Sheesh logs on immediately and buys it all. In essence, I am

    benefiting thru illegal multiplay even though I "bought" said items.


    Point is, as the system is working now, with illegal multiplay being a huge factor on our playstyle (we cant have any), I do not think this would work, not

    to mention how much programming it may take.


    Just my 2gc worth.

  13. Luring newbies is against the rules, but lets look a bit closer. newbiejs3.jpg


    Newbie here refers to the number of posts. How many times you post in the forums is not the definition of what a newbie is. Afterall, Evelynn has been

    a player here since Dec 2007. Come on, you are hardly new to the ways of the game.


    So he is a bagjumper and scammer. So be it. The newbie topic does not have any standing in this case imho.

  14. Updated my drivers right before I tried this.


    Video card: GeForce 6100/PCI/SSE2/3DNOW!

    Vendor ID: NVIDIA Corporation

    OpenGL Version: 2.1.2


    el_pre_rc_26_02_07.exe works fine

    el_pre_rc_26_02_07_no_vertex_programs works fine also but says I need to update my drivers (am on most updated driver I can get)


    Are you 100% sure it tells you to update the drivers after you updated them? Can you try again?


    Tried again and here is what I get:







    Same results as before

  15. Updated my drivers right before I tried this.


    Video card: GeForce 6100/PCI/SSE2/3DNOW!

    Vendor ID: NVIDIA Corporation

    OpenGL Version: 2.1.2


    el_pre_rc_26_02_07.exe works fine

    el_pre_rc_26_02_07_no_vertex_programs works fine also but says I need to update my drivers (am on most updated driver I can get)