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  1. Checking for up to date game files?

    Okay, I've just been looking into the particle system with regard to the sounds, turns out that it's not the teleport_in sound that's causing it, but rather the circle_gold.part file. Does anybody know why it was defined with 23641464 -> sound_nr, 23641468 -> positional, 23641472 -> loop? I'm guessing those values are from a legacy version of the particle system but I'm not 100%.
  2. Checking for up to date game files?

    I'm pretty sure that'll be as simple as updating the .part file to include the sound. I intend to try it myself, but VS2005 is being a pain... I'll need to wait until I can boot into linux to mess with it...
  3. Checking for up to date game files?

    Naw, only the waterfall has been updated... I'm not overly concerned about it, but I did notice that the particles for teleport_in.part cause the sound system to try and find a random sound to play (I'm rather sure it's because the sound for the particle isn't initialised to -1 by default and while there is code to prevent it from causing a problem, it could cause a teleport in to start playing rain )
  4. Checking for up to date game files?

    I'm just curious to know, I was browsing through the code tonight and found that there were a few additions to the particle engine. I'm curious to know if I'm using the right files? Currently I have the files that come with Gentoo's eternal-lands-1.2.0_p1-r3. Have the particles such as teleport_in.part been updated since then to handle the new sound support?
  5. EL Crashes either X or kernel... not sure which

    I was figuring as much... Wishful thinking on my behalf that I could fix it by modifying EL's source :'( New drivers aren't an option unfortunately as 2.6.16 fixed a problem relating to this laptop's clock. I guess I'll just have to wait until I can get a new video card for my desktop machine...
  6. This is a nasty one... My desktop died yesterday, so I figured until I get a new Video Card for it, I'd play on my laptop. When I load it up, I am shown the window with the rules and then the login screen. On the very first frame (before it draws anything), the whole machine crashes and I can't do anything after that apart from restart the computer. I'm running ATI drivers, 8.24.8 (after trying to solve the problem on 8.23.7) I'd like to try on an earlier version, but I've read somewhere that you need > 8.23 in order to use 2.6.16 kernels. my X.org is version 7.0. System specs: AMD Turion 64 (1800 mhz) 512 MB RAM (32 shared with the video card, but I have tested with 128 meg as well) ATI IXP SB400 chipset (It appears) ATI Radeon XPRESS 200M video card I'm running gentoo linux. If anyone has any idea what this could be or perhaps how I could go about debugging this, I'd appreciate it... (Oh, and at one point I had this issue as well: http://www.eternal-lands.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=24025 but it went away after I restarted) Edit: I forgot to mention that I tried using the linux client on the site, the gentoo ebuild and from CVS with the same results)
  7. using valgrind with eternal lands

    scrap that... I kept getting the error: cannot enable executable stack as shared object requires: invalid argument loading OpenGL with Valgrind. I managed to fix the problem by using: execstack --clear-execstack [path to so file] unfortunately, valgrind goes crazy with errors in nVidia's openGL lol and unsurprisingly, runs too slow for EL to keep up the music. probably a bad idea to even try this with EL I think.
  8. using valgrind with eternal lands

    Has anybody tried and succeeded getting valgrind to work with Eternal lands? I thought it might give me some insight into my fadein/out problems, but it spits the dummy loading OpenGL's libraries...
  9. Unicorns

    ... let me get this straight? You get a bonus for torturing a unicorn (a pure creature). That sounds rather sadistic to me... I'm rather fond of the idea of punishment for such a thing and I think that Dagar's idea has a bit of merit. The idea of a quest to remove a curse sounds good to me, but I'm thinking that perhaps no ability to heal is one thing, or perhaps no experience is gained until the quest is complete.
  10. Why modified clients?

    *slaps his head* durrrrhhhhh... Dunno why I didn't think of that...
  11. Music Fadein/Fadeout

    I've been working really hard on coding the fading a bit better. Specifically speaking, I've been trying to implement cross-fading. I've made two implementations, one that reads from a fadein ogg file at the same time as stream_music(), and one where it creates a seperate thread to create a 5 second buffer. Unfortunately, when I use either of these methods, the soung that is being faded out tends to get corrupted when I start reading from a second OGG file. I'm not sure what's causing this. perhaps I'm not handling the memory correctly, but I can't seem to get valgrind to work with EL (something about openGL not being loadable or something...) which I had hoped would tell me about any memory leaks I might be creating... Occasionally, after the first or second fade, the sound will start jumping all over the place, half a second from here, half a second from there... I dunno... I'm starting to get a little stumped.
  12. Why modified clients?

    I wonder if it would be worthwhile checksumming the executable and assets?
  13. forum game

    6-6 There's something wrong with my eyes...
  14. Avatar Battle

    Add another vote to Yoshi for me ^_^ My avatar was drawn by a friend with a photo of myself as a reference. The fact that it's supposed to be me makes me feel it was worthwhile. ... That and the fact that it just suites me so well and Rolandreeve's avatar makes me think of Bubble Bobble. You need to colour those plates/spines on his back pink dude

    I was LynxofCP for a shortwhile, until I got peeved with having put my password in with capslock on lol I'm Kyln now.