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  1. Spelling And Grammar Errors

    Hi, I'm pointing this out because it's been in the game for years and hasn't been fixed as of the time of this post: As you walk into Grubani Peninsula from Grahms Village, you see "Welcome to Grubani Penisula" This is the text pasted from the game: Welcome to Grubani Penisula Now, it should be "Welcome to Grubani Peninsula" I think you can see the problem here....I'm going to shut up before I really get into trouble. Yours, Alyot
  2. Hi Chang, I still show "0 New Messages", so I don't know what's up there. As for where a learned the skills, look up your local shire via http://www.SCA.org As for the actual process, my wife is the bowyer...she made my longbow. Yours, Alyot
  3. Hi, Granted, my use of the word "speed" was inaccurate. Everything does move at the same clockspeed. As for the "size" of an object and how difficult it is to target, I think Enly understands what I'm trying to say. Entropy, please don't take this the wrong way. I really don't understand your perspective. You seem to be saying that because a target is 3 feet in diameter, it's just as easy to hit at 20 yards away as it is at 40 yards? I don't understand what you mean. I have only my archery experience to go on, not computer code, or how many pixels are involved target size of the model of each target. Anyway, my original point was to give someone..."anyone"...a real reason to WANT to go after these almost continously moving and very small characters. Just as my point of suggesting the Deer Antlers be used for something like hide glue (as they would work for that in real life, just like horse hoofs, deer hoofs and the sinew from both..but we don't have those in EL). That would mean a real market for these things, as opposed to the current situation of so many players just leaving them laying around in MANY bags that only add to the impact on framerates of a map. Back to Brownies and Wood Sprites, I was only trying to suggest that if there was a chance at a bonus prize, however small the chances, it might increase the number of people that bother to go after them....on Isle Prima, or any other map that has them. I guess I'm just not making myself clear, or if I have, the interest seems to be very limted. I really thank both of you for taking the time to respond, though. It is appreciated. Yours, Alyot P.S. Plus they would be a really challanging target for the Archery Tournaments the have been started by SpleenFeeder...if there's a way to do that.
  4. Hi Entropy, I guess it's just me, but from my experience, bears are much slower moving and remain stationary for much longer periods of time than do wood sprites. I have to be very quick and very accurate to get my mouse over a resting wood sprite to get a killing shot off. Large animals need far less precision. ..but then I'm combining the realworld with my experiences so far with Archery in EL. It was just an idea. My other point was that it would give players of all levels a "reason" to hunt WoodSprites and Brownies, other than their current drops. Thank you very much for including it! Well done! Yours, Alyot
  5. Quick-draw Archery Tournament

    Hi, Tourneys are WONDERFUL, Spleenfeeder! I do have one thing that hasn't been addressed so far....choice of ammunition. You might want to restrict all shooters to the same ammunition next time, so it's a "level" playing field. As it was pointed out, the magic arrows a more accurate than the others. Considering Asgnny's score, I don't think that was a factor in this tourney. Yours, Alyot
  6. Quick-draw Archery Tournament

    Hi, Spleenfeeder was using "entry" level rabbits, so they were "killed" by the first shot. I don't guess "strong" targets would be nearly as fair, as the LAST to get him would get credit instead of the FIRST...and that explains why they degenerated so quickly, come to think of it.
  7. Quick-draw Archery Tournament

    Hi, I didn't run it, but I was there.... Each participant cleared his "session log" before shooting began. There were no disputed calls, however some rabbits did "poof" before they got hit. Yours, Alyot
  8. Quick-draw Archery Tournament

    Hi, Outstanding idea AND event, SpleenFeeder! I enjoyed just watching it! (..can you tell?) Yours in Service, Alyot
  9. Hi, I've worked my way a shot from lvl 12 Ranging, and after going after a few Brownies and Woodsprites, I realized they don't yeild the exp for a kill that they should. I understand that this is a really "low level" target, but howabout something like this... Wood Sprite/Brownie, a 1/100 or 1/1000 chance of a BIG experience bonus for a "one shot" kill. Something that would be worthwhile for every one from the #1 Ranger, to they player that just bought his/her bow. You could apply the same thing to anything, really small and really fast. These are just the 2 that came to my mind. I'm basing all this on archery tourneys I've competed in. I'm by no means an expert, consistancy being my main drawback, but I've placed in a few on my "good days". Yours, Alyot (& Terran) Edit: P.S. I also would like to make a suggestion for Antler use, but I realize I'm a little late for this, but here goes.. You need Hide Glue, Feathers (fletch), Branches, and a really sharp knife to make arrows (real life, I've done it) so what about making "Hide Glue" from "Deer Antlers". I know, this part has probably all ready been completed, but I wanted to mention it anyway. Yours in Service, Alyot
  10. RC 1

    Hi, Here's a sound I'm not hearing, even after changing maps several times. I was certain there was an "antler strike" sound when in combat with deer, but I haven't heard it at all in Whitestone, Portland or Nordcarn. ..even changed maps a few times and relogged, just in case. Yours, Alyot
  11. 1.5.0 Map Bugs

    Hi, With the removal of cotton from South Redmoon, the poplution of crafters has noticeably increased in Desert Pines Cotton/Vegetable patch. The problem here is that there are parts of that patch that only have 1 or 2 squares to exit the patch in. With the increase of people parking there for considerable periods of time to make thread, I get stuck in the patch more and more often. It would be great if you would take some of the "middle spaces" (Where the vegetables and cotton overlap) and either remove that as a place to sit, or open up more of the "non"walkable squares around it to through traffic. Thank you! Yours, Alyot (& Terran)
  12. RC 1

    Greetings all, I would like to add that I, for one, really appreciate the noteable increase in load-time of textures and maps, with VERY little impact on framerates. I BIG improvement! I've only had a few hours to play this morning, but I really noticed that on a clear day, you can see all the way to the other end of a map as you come into the map...and even with view perspective at 0.80, there's no big hit on performance...and my machine is hardly state of the art anymore. ..and runs Windows2000 Pro. I love the new "harvest" effect! I'll drop back by if I find something "wrong"....but nothing so far. Please keep up the good work, Yours, Alyot (& Terran) Giga-Byte GA-7VRX motherboard (VIA chipset) 2 PC3200 cards for 1 Gig SDRAM 512 Cache AMD 2600+ 1.97Ghz Processor NVidia 6600 AGP Graphics, 512 RAM (Direct X, 9c - Open_GL 2.x) 2 Seagate 80Gig Harddrives in String RAID configuration SoundBlaster Audigy MP3 Plus Soundcard
  13. Hi, I haven't played in a while, but I just downloaded the new client and logged in. Each session I played to day ended in a "Memory error....xxxxxx-xxxxx, etc" "Access Denied" error.....Please "Cancel" to Debug the program. I realize I have an antique, and Windows 2000 Pro is no longer supported by Microsoft, but I was able to play for several hours today. Whatever XP/Vista coding you're using that may be causing this error..is it really that important that you include it? I've never had an EL client crash in this fashion before.....unlike other online games that I never could run at all ...and was glad to delete. I don't want to delete EL! My wife and I have played for years, but buying another computer right now isn't an option for me. Has anyone esle seen this happen? Windows 2000 Pro NVidia 6600 series...newest drivers ... 512 Vid RAM AMD 2100+ 1G RAM, 512 Cache Cable/ISDN internet connection
  14. Hi all, Long-time player, just not lately. Could you please put the new Sounds 1.5.0 soundfile on a server that doesn't want to track my serfing and sell my "valid email address" to others for "spam, spam, spam, spam...". Thank you! Yours, Randy Cain (...aka: Alyot, Terran)
  15. Hi, Thanks for the response! Silly me! Why didn't I think of that.