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  1. Acantris, IP ban?

    Hello I havent play for 2 years and when today i was trying to log in i got rly wierd screen (ur IP is baned etc. etc.). My question is why? and HOW? Regards. Arcantris.
  2. Acantris, IP ban?

    Thanks Aislinn.
  3. Buying Will Removal Stones

    I want to buy 5 will removal stones (30k each) Post here or msg me ingame ArcantriS.
  4. Buying Will Removal Stones

  5. Polska - Poland

    w wowa to ja od wrzesnia nie gram ;p
  6. Polska - Poland

    kurde przyspamilbym cos ale nie wiem co napisac =/
  7. Polska - Poland

    o tez bylem na Comie ;p
  8. Polska - Poland

    OMG.. jakie długie posty. Widzę, że i ja tu na chwilę zawitam. nie chodzi o dlugosc spamu tylko o jego przekaz ;]
  9. Polska - Poland

    ze tak powiem...LOL
  10. Ladyreni

    rofl xD looks sooo sexy ;D
  11. Polska - Poland

    nie ciesz sie zabardzo ;p
  12. Polska - Poland

    w tym mojego ;((((
  13. Polska - Poland

    a sie rozspamiliscie ;p
  14. Jagged Saber of Cooling

    OMG can u read? Think about it, tigers do cooldown. ;P -Blee i dont care, this is auction.
  15. Jagged Saber of Cooling

  16. Jagged Saber of Cooling

    OMG can u read?
  17. Jagged Saber of Cooling

  18. Selling

    SELLING: NMT <200k> 4 Mirror cape <4k ea> Book of Evasion <5k> Book of Invisibility <4k> Book of True Sight <4k> Gen Axe Book <5k> Book of Tit Axe <3k> Book of Steel Axe <3k> 4 Tit Cuisses <28k ea> BUYING: 30k HE <7gc ea> post here or msg meh in game
  19. Selling

    i have 3 ;p edit: just looted 4th ;d
  20. little harv. shop

    2k iron 2k of all quartz plx
  21. Gamesqaure Harvestables

    3k iron plx
  22. Selling

  23. Polska - Poland

    a kto ty ?
  24. Auctioning off some IRON