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  1. street drug?

    why do people has to do drug , why are there so many losers in the world?
  2. The Shelter home

    What you think about shelter homes? I don't think they are that bad , in North America , they have a meal waiting for people in emegency.... or in a real condition with no money.... they can still go do a lot of public thing , I don't see how bad is it sometimes , I am in a program right now for young adults , and this well "29" years old young adult he have been in the shelter homes few times... listening to him a lot of times , actully shelter homes are not that bad , north america sometimes I find , is very unreal... Survival is so easy , compare to Congo or that place in the carribean.
  3. Divorce Court

    If I could be like that, I would give anything Just to live one day, in those shoes. If I could be like that, what would I do? What would I do? If I could be like that, I would give anything Just to live one day, in those shoes. If I could be like that, what would I do? What would I do? If I could be like that, I would give anything Just to live one day, in those shoes. If I could be like that, what would I do? What would I do? They rock....
  4. street drug?

    he trys being himself without the ritalin... then his A.D.H.D wants to hurt himself is so sad but the world have so many sad stories when is his turn to tell?
  5. street drug?

    """"YEAH"""" IF I COULD BE LIKE THAT WHAT WOULD I DO? anyways ritalin is a miracle for some , like in life there are many times people may be on their knee praying to the sky , asking how something can do so well for them... there are times when some miracle are not so miracle , is so .... a long story of a sad life , I know someone who takes ritalin , from time to time and then stop again and try just to be himself... He wants to live normal when he can't
  6. Bashing at this evil artist.

    Hi I just want to make a thread bashing this artist.... I think there is strong influence of a voice tone in this music video and this music video catches the eye like the devil takes your damned forsaken soul YOUR DAMNED SOUL. I really don't like this song called "Wake up" so why doesn't the christendom do something about it already , Assemble the army and take down this demonic influence. :battleaxe: this music video already claimed many souls of not very decent people making them completey damned without a guidence.
  7. street drug?

    sometimes when you lose faith .... you may see everything as a drug , so get back up. don't believe in yourself , believes in me , give me a call :wink:
  8. you know when you played too much EL when..

    When you drop out of school... withdrew from college... When you are unemployed , jobless and unemployed again... Fired from work , Getting welfare check .... hey but we can still all go to the skatepark and play EL?
  9. street drug?

    I live in Vancouver B.C... I seen enough people doing drug , especially weed , I know people on good drug like ritalin... but whatever drug there is , there are no drugs that make you better , drugs is a lie , and lying is a sin.
  10. oh my god they are super men?

    I am not advertising or anything but I almost got an heart attack right around now... so my ipod came atfer around the end of the second week waiting... Is an american company , www.ipodmods.com shit I almost choked atfer reinstalling my ipod program and see how many space in my ipod... I suppose to have only a 4 gb IPOD , but shit I almost choked , and I choked so bad , they gave me a 6 gb microdrive and only charged me for 4 pb microdrive with everything else... because of water damaged everything have to be replaced , now the shell of my ipod has 4gb on it when is a 6gb... Shit this company is nice , this is a such an american friendly company... my ipod just came a second ago... from the gobal mail people. if you don't know yet , my ipod is only suppose to be a 4 gb green mini.... but now it got a powerful 6gb micro DRIVE.... are they super men?
  11. oh my god they are super men?

    Hey don't say that... I am lucky , but I don't use my luck in such way , my luck is for having a good health and happy life... I am not greedy.
  12. Bloody war...

    I think I quit by the time you came... I quit when all the characters were deleted from the server... I know why the characters got deleted lol , is not because.. Nevermind I talk too much.
  13. Bashing at this evil artist.

    I am not taking it seriously enough.... and today this morning is such a shitty morning. because of Duff's music ruining my life.
  14. Bloody war...

    not enough wars? You should have been here when I was here.... These people treated me if I was mentally challenged I was the problem child of EL.
  15. Don't know what this is

    hey you draw better then that kid in the movie... napolean dynamite. sorry is just what I was thinking...
  16. Bashing at this evil artist.

    Madam , my teeth hurts but yet I am still in my mannerful mood... May I ask you this , do you think people accused micheal jackson to be a child rapist , just because so he sells more of his album "invincible" and where is the flame forum ? I know I am maybe in the wrong forum but I can't find the fucking flame forum.
  17. Bashing at this evil artist.

    nah... Entropy is not like that... HE DON"T BAN without reasoning....
  18. Wake Me Up When September Ends

    what a joke... it actully increases the % of young adult joinning the american force. because they think that is heroic.
  19. Water damaged Ipod?

    apple is rejecting to cover for it. Sented to an american company for privite service and repair. they said 200 usd , I brought it for 280 cad. but problem is with shipping and tax is over the price I brought for it. but my ipod is rather important someone brought it for me , and is personalized. the laser engraving.
  20. like rock , but ummm how do you put it , well for more younger people of this era of time.
  21. Water damaged Ipod?

    I already tryed lying , I told them I didn't damage it by kayaking I told them it was by natural damage "Rain" I said I left my jacket out in the "Rain" but they don't buy it , and even if they did any water damage is not covered they told me. so I say ... it died by it's own , they open and they will phone me say is water damage...
  22. hey any of you know good punk rock music?

    simple plan is a poser band? yea I guess so too , they don't sound anything near punk music is too soft...
  23. so what do you guys like to do , beside el , beside education , beside career. what is it that you do then? wrong forum by the way.
  24. hey any of you know good punk rock music?

    There is a Canadian band that sounds great. Billy Talent.
  25. Water damaged Ipod?

    well what can I do , I mean they are replacing everything inside but the case. even it may cost as much as a new one , but hey the thing one of my buddy brought it for me , and you know is not the meaning to have it there so I look better and avoid the questions. just that I don't give a damn buying a new one from apple who won't cover it.