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  1. This stones will remove one level/attribute and give you a free pickpoint instead. They dont give you additional pickpoints. Piper
  2. Voted no. Very soon ppl will be able to buy unlimited pps.
  3. el girls club

    What does being strong pker have to do with being an outlaw?
  4. The special swords and armors for sale

    Iirc stuff on warranty wont break during that period. Or if break, other is give free? If it breaks, he'll replace it for free during the first week. But as stated in his post, if it breaks due to a Branch of Destruction or the Acid Rain, he won't replace it. Thats the one-week warranty here. -Blee Does that mean he'll replace it if it breaks due to sunbreaker of destruction?
  5. Why dont people PK anymore?

    I usually go pking only if i find out that enemy is on pk map other than that, not so much cause most of the time pk maps are dead and no ppl to fight.
  6. Alchemy Shop

    1k Energy essence plz
  7. el girls club

    One of names listed above is kidberg's alt, i won't reveal who it is in public, it's up to you to find out
  8. el girls club

    Rofl @ kidberg in el girls club
  9. el girls club

    Why not pking event?
  10. No Drop Day

    PKG tried to enter kf without much luck
  11. ToTaL WaR and spectators

    Gratz, you killed me once i don't think so
  12. ToTaL WaR and spectators

    Your guild is already a spectator
  13. DIE! guild

    It's not first time they made peace. I found out couple days ago they made peace, and then mufossa suddenly made war when i was near him and attacked me. War didn't last much, they made peace again 1-2 hours ago.
  14. scammer

    jizzy bagjumped dushan's fluff bag btw