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  1. Clean out!

    Ok, well the only problem is that I am holding the Leather Helms for someone else. Unless you are willing to pay a higher price, I can not give them to you. So if you are not the total price will be 9374gc.
  2. Clean out!

    Price? Well the Rings of VOTD and Mortar and Pestles have been bought, but for the others the price should be 4,590gc.
  3. Clean out!

    I am in need of money, so I'm selling almost all of my storage. There is A LOT of crap and junk, but there are some valuable things, so don't skim through without paying attention. I will also take Harvesting orders for fairly cheap for all ores/flowers/foods/other plants. Or Alch orders for almost any essence. If you would like to purchase an item below or make any kind of order post on this forum, or PM me in game. Thanks DiabloX Flowers: 3,274 Impatiens - 0.4gc each or 1.2kgc for all 3,828 Red Snaps - 0.5gc each or 1.5kgc for all 3,551 Red Roses - 0.5gc each or 1.4kgc for all Ores: 115 Silver Ores - 2gc each or 200gc for all 184 Gold Ores - 2gc each or 300gc for all 16,832 Titanium Ores - 2.2gc each or 35k for all Minerals: 104 Quartz - 2gc each or 200gc for all 86 Rose Quartz - 2gc each or 150gc for all 56 Gypsum - 4gc each or 200gc for all 1,843 Sulfur - 2gc each or 3.5k for all 105 Turquoise - 1.5gc each or 150gc for all Tools: 9 Mortar and Pestles - 10gc each 48 Needles - 2gc each Weapons: 1 Quarter Staff - 300gc 1 Iron Broad Sword - 250gc 10 Iron Swords - 150gc each 5 Wooden Battle Hammers - 150gc each 2 Staffs - 150gc each 1 Titanium Serpent - 4kgc Armor: 1503 Leather Helms - 20gc each or 22.5k gc for all 5 Padded Leather Torsos - 80gc each 7 Leather Pants - 80 gc each 1 Enhanced Wooden Shield - 100gc 1 Iron Helm - 200gc Magic: 1 Ring of WS - 90gc 2 Rings of VOTD - 90gc each 2 Unicorn Medallions - 150gc each 1 Harvesting Med - 7k gc Essences: 16 Spirit Essences - 8gc each 26 Air Essences - 8gc each 165 Life Essences - 5gc each Potions: 12 Potions of Summoning - 50gc each 15 Potions of Attack - 40gc each 21 Potions of Defense - 40gc each Animal: 195 Bones - 1.5gc each 146 Raw Meats - 4gc each 31 Deer Antlers - 2.5gc each 4 White Rabbit Furs - 6gc each 7 Red Snake Skins - 4gc each 77 Wolf Furs - 7gc each 12 Brown Rabbit Furs - 4gc each 7 Puma Furs - 8gc each 3 Snow Leopard Furs - 9gc each 15 Green Snake Skins - 4gc each 5 Bear Furs - 10gc each 1 Tiger Fur - 20gc 3 Black Panter Furs - 12gc each 32 Deer Furs - 5gc each 16 Beaver Furs - 4gc each 4 Fox Furs - 7gc each4 Brown Snake Skins - 6gc each Clothes: 4 Skunk Hats - 35gc each 2 Fur Hats - 15gc each 1 Racoon Hat - 35gc 1 Conjurer Cloak - 3.5k gc 1 Exc Cloak - 2.3k gc 1 Monster Magnetism Cloak - 4.5k gc Misc: 1 Binding Stone - 6k gc Books: 1 Titanium Long Construction - 300 gc each 1 Bear Summoning - 300gc 1 Naralik Ring Building - 300gc 1 Orc Fighting - 300gc 1 WS Ring Building - 300gc 1 VOTD Ring Building - 300gc 3 Potion of Summoning - 400gc each 2 IP Ring Building - 300gc each 1 Troll Fighting - 300gc 2 Iron Axe Construction - 300gc each 1 Jewelry Tech - 100gc 1 Advanced Potions - 100gc 3 Titanium Short Construction - 300gc each 2 Gargoyles Summoning - 300gc each 1 Moon Medalion Building - 300gc 1 Diss Ring Building - 300gc 2 Titanium Molding - 400gc each
  4. Selain

    That would be nice, I'm working on my summoning level right now.
  5. I am back ?

    Lmfao, you're that MikeJones person?
  6. disconected

    Hmm... I'm back now, still having the problem?
  7. So, what do we think about the new changes?

    I dislike that the vials go away. But if they are maufacturable, I can finally get my manu up.
  8. disconected

    Yeah, I have no idea why.
  9. Too frequent of ingredient loss

    Err.... FEs and Bone Powders? FE's can fail. Oh...
  10. Too frequent of ingredient loss

    Err.... FEs and Bone Powders?
  11. I want your brains!

    Kevan.org/brainGo to this site. It is fun, if you want start you own account.
  12. problem with forums?

    Yeah, last night I was posting and it did the same thing...
  13. Thanks

    I'm pretty sure all that is said above explains my thanks as well.
  14. Giant

    Penn killing a Giant.... o.O These surely can't be much stronger than a wolf. (He knows I'm just messing with him) Nice job Penn!
  15. Giant

    The game isn't working for me very well, I can't see any of this stuff. Edit: But wow! Is that srtonger than a Yeti? If it is it has to be the strongets in the game...