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  1. 1. okay 2. kibora 3. male
  2. bows damage

    I wonder what is the damage for different bows. It doesn't seem to be level/attribute dependent. I have 2 of them and here's what i get Long bow: 11-16 damage Elven bow: 17-20+ damage Edit: i am talking about the damage with training arrows
  3. Dunno what you think about it but for me purple is a hard to read colour. Not enough contrast on black background. Could it be changed back to what it was or at least to something brighter
  4. Rotating minimap

    Patch is here: http://developer.berlios.de/patch/index.ph...p;group_id=1256 A compass.bmp texture is needed in the textures folder. Something like this:
  5. Rotating minimap

    Roja, the new compass texture is not perfectly round. It has black pixels right of the E and bellow the S. And black pixels are transparent. When the map is lighter you see some light pixels at those places
  6. Your opinion on ranging.

    For me ranging is not a money sink. Surely i spend thousands of gc on it but i also gain (harvest blue lups + animal parts) thousands of gc. If i didn't range i wouldn't have done that. This is not the problem of the skill. For me the problem is you don't get more xp when you level up. You continue to get the same xp because xp is based on difficulty. If you go for more xp you miss more so at the end it's worse. This is no big deal in the lower levels but noone will never get to level 100 unless something gets changed. Lets say you do 1k ran xp per hour and train 10 hours a day ... you'll need 12 years
  7. Rotating minimap

    Emm there is no fog of war in the rotating minimap but yes, thet "itemdrop" should be "rotateminimap" i suppose. I'm not sure what's that string for
  8. Rotating minimap

    Here's a patch with no framebuffer. Also i added an option in the Controls options to disable the rotation (for those who don't like it). https://developer.berlios.de/patch/index.ph...p;group_id=1256
  9. Rotating minimap

    No idea what it should be. I simply based that function on one of the existing ones
  10. Rotating minimap

    That works thanks. I'll try to clear the code
  11. Rotating minimap

    I'm not sure about it. You see, the framebuffer is being used as a texture itself (bind_texture_id(minimap_fbo_texture). The stencil buffer, as far as i can see, is different. Basicly when you draw the map texture without the framebuffer you need to take only the part, which is in grey (on the pic). If there was something like glScissor, which allows to define a circular region, it would work.
  12. EL 170 Pre RC

    Those who can't see the minimap, is it with or without framebuffer enabled? Try to toggle the framebuffer to see if there's any difference
  13. Rotating minimap

    Well it's not, but the map looks better with it. The reason is that when you draw it with framebuffer on, you can simply draw the whole map texture on the framebuffer and then take only the circle we are interested in. And when not using a framebuffer, we have to take only those parts of the map texture, which are going to be drawn.
  14. Skybox discussion

    When i turn the frame buffer off, i dont see any clouds/moon/sun/stars until i restart the client. How to reproduce: 1. Set the water shades quality to 2 2. Disable the framebuffer
  15. Rotating minimap

    Fixed the bug, reported by piiia (http://www.eternal-lands.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=43453&view=findpost&p=445111) https://developer.berlios.de/patch/index.ph...p;group_id=1256
  16. Rotating minimap

    I don't see clouds/stars/sun/moon when the framebuffer is disabled
  17. Rotating minimap

    The minimap is being drawn in two completely different ways with and without the framebuffer and the no framebuffer implementation was a pain in the a$$. Anyway with the sky implemented i think it's time to consider making the framebuffer a requriement to play the game Edit: Having both the minimaps would be a lot of work
  18. Mines, and a new perk

    Only a few players could make use of this perk (the pure high level fighters). A lot of people say now "Woot i will take it for 5-10 pps" and evenually they will but after they die a couple of times they will reset There should be some safe places, perhaps depending on the surface. You can place a mine in the grass or in the forest. But there is no way to place a mine on a wooden surface (inside a house, or on docks/ships) or on a stone surface (inside castles, on stone paths etc.). I mean yeah, you could place it there but then it should be visible for everyone. Also the underworlds, IP, the IDA graveyard should be safe IMO. So that's my suggestion. Make the mines only placeable on certain surfaces
  19. New Resolutions in EL

    restart the client and it'll work ok with the new resolution
  20. Rotating minimap

    https://developer.berlios.de/patch/index.ph...p;group_id=1256 Added close button, big X removed, the bug with resolution change is fixed
  21. Most *used* Weapon

    Elven bow and Emerald claymore
  22. Rotating minimap

  23. Rotating minimap

    Comment the whole body of the existing function and add this. It's what the old minimap was doing
  24. Rotating minimap

    Considering you can see the actor points, obviously the problem is not in the frame buffer so it has to be in the draw_map() function. Perhaps you have some glEnable function enabled which doens't work with GL_TEXTURE_2D and screws up the whole thing. Are you biulding a clean CVS copy or some sort of merge? Could you try editing your draw_map function to look like this: and tell me if you see anything
  25. Rotating minimap

    Interesting. I tried a couple things and i see white circle when drawing a texture and GL_TEXTURE_2D is disabled. I have a couple questions for you: 1. Was the old rectangular minimap working for you? 2. Does the rotatin minimap work with framebuffer disabled?