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  1. Low level PK arenas

    I don't really like this idea, as people said PK is already dead enough as it is already...
  2. Best Death Message

    <Name> found out that trying to fly is not a good idea.
  3. Excellent work Roja! The helmets rule.
  4. Gopi

    Hmm, he's already been in outlaws once: http://www.eternal-lands.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=30661 I don't like the sound of him...
  5. Signatures

    Maybe you could try this? http://www.eternal-lands.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=30748
  6. Avatar

    Hey, can anyone do me a avatar that has a Black background and White writing and on the writing DuCkYo I would like red splodges on it(Bit like blood splodges...) And in the background DuCkYo in a fainter colour Thanks in advance...
  7. Where's the Joker?

    2 Years and 1 Joker.
  8. Signatures

    Yay, I don't even need to ask for one to get one. ;P
  9. Guess the movie

    Shaun of the Dead?
  10. Selling it all

    I'll take 112 BRs.
  11. Dawn's anniversary contest

    Happy Birthday Dawn and also, If you can't make it to the first part, can you still come to the second part?
  12. El Lottery

    Great idea! I could imagine someone buying 2000 tickets and not winning.
  13. Selling & Trading

    I'll take the Humans fighting book...
  14. Mass Invasion

    ugh, I had to miss it but it defently looked good!
  15. Suggestion: Horses!

    Lol, that would be really funny... Someone justs says: 'I'm just going to manu a horse'.
  16. Whats your Favourite song at the Moment?

    Try listening to more heavy stuff.
  17. My new Cell Phone

    Especially that you can go on Google and them.
  18. Selling it all

    I'll buy one Serp, PM Me ingame...
  19. Manuing Stuff...

    Hi, I starting a little manuing thing for everyone* heres what I am making: Leather helms: 40gc each, 11gc if you provide ingreds, Max order: 50. Leather pants: 80gc each, 31gc if you provide ingreds, Max order: 50. Augmented Leather Torso: 250gc each, 143gc if you provide ingreds, Max order: 15. Augmented Leather Pants: 150gc each, 81gc each if you provide ingreds, Max order: 15. I should be adding more items soon... Orders: --No orders-- Sorry if it takes a while, because I proberly fail a few. Also I'm sorry if the prices are wrong. -DuCkYo *: Not selling to PkG They might be discount for guildies/allies. EDIT: Post here or PM Me ingame. EDIT II: I might increase the max order of aug stuff if you ask.
  20. EL Bad Jokes

    What NPC is good at magic tricks? Trik
  21. My new Cell Phone

    Lol... better in blue...
  22. making things for money

    time to go back to school duckyo Leather pants are bought at 40gc each and take 8 food per pants (iirc) that is 6 per pof so... pof cost 12/6=2gc leather 7*350/75=32.666 thread 10*2=20 that is : 2+32.(6)+20=54.666 The only way you could make a profit is if you make your own thread, and then the profit is meager. There are no profitable manu items which you can buy ings from #3 and them make and sell. (Only profit is if you make your own bars). Yes, the armors/weapons are expensive but the bars/stones/esses needed to make those items are almost 95% of the item sell value. There is one exception but noone sane buys it =] [edit] it is possible to make a "profit" on fur pants but that would mean you have to hunt the deer/wolves/beavers yourself. But if you buy the ingredients from #3 at 8 per wolf, 3 per beaver, 4 per deer you would still be loosing money. Maybe duckyo meant that instead =] [/edit] Good point but if you make your own thread and have done the leather quest it will be much cheaper to make Leather pants...
  23. My new Cell Phone

    Pretty good phone my sisters got it in pink . :>
  24. my new keyboard

    Lol Labby you'll strain your eyes looking at it.
  25. EL Bad Jokes

    What do you call a Deer with no eyes? No Idea...