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  1. El dragon video!

    Nice video. Good song aswell.
  2. Chain Reaction

    Eh, Hammer museum?
  3. Chain Reaction

    (Night) Club
  4. Whats your Favourite song at the Moment?

    My favourite song probably at the moment is: Dead! - My Chemical Romance
  5. EL Hangman

  6. Funny videogame movies.

    Lol, the Mario one is the best.
  7. Chain Reaction

    (transfer) pictures
  8. X-mas Quest

    Very fun. Shame I couldn't stay for all of it.
  9. Chain Reaction

    (cartoon) drawing EDIT: Eeek didn't notice another page. :/
  10. Ye Olde Alchemist's Shop

    Since theres one empty slot, i'll take 500 HE's, thanks.
  11. Ye Olde Alchemist's Shop

    Shouldn't I be next? I posted after molime.
  12. Art contest results

    Congratz to all the winners.
  13. Dwarf Character Portrait

    Nice one, very cool. :>
  14. New logo, poll #2

    I think with just the dragon logo looks better.
  15. Ye Olde Alchemist's Shop

    500 HE's Please.
  16. EL Hangman

  17. Artwork Updates

    Nice, they look really cool.
  18. A new logo?

    Defently the dragon one.
  19. Pls unban me @_@

    Lmao... It really is true though.
  20. EL Hangman

  21. Chain Reaction

    Ugh, maybe we should start again. (Again )
  22. Better death graphic needed.

    Maybe you could look at this thread: http://www.eternal-lands.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=28676
  23. Chain Reaction

    Bombs attack?
  24. Chain Reaction

    "ite" isn't a word, so technically you were wrong there Yeah but, can't you add a prefix on to the last word? For E.g.: Plantation Also i've add an prefix on to the words in this thread before...
  25. Chain Reaction

    Its ite not site to use before...