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  1. Cooldown log

    Good point Gen Axis. The whole point of cooldown was to improve el marketing as the market was overflowed with items. I'm afraid the new system is not doing it. Something has to be done about it. For example taking out cooldown for buyable items like bread and making very low cooldown on cooked meat would be a good idea. That 's my opinion. So if you wanna do mass production of items, you will have to pay a little or spend some time getting right stuf..not play semi-afk. With the new cooldowns most people will go into semi-afk playing, and that's not a good improvement.
  2. Cooldown log

    I dunno about mods but i think some people got too high bans. How would u feel if u come the game and post your opinion about it and u get banned for a year? Or ban someone is big fan of the game and just wanted to have his voice heard. Not very fair on people..we all humans in the end. Anyway, i thought cooldown will be worse. I even thought they will make it for making items. Lucky us they didn't think about that. At least people will cook their meat now. Cooking skill would be a good idea i think. The higher your cooking skill the lower cooldown for cooked meat etc. cooked meat cooldown - 20 seconds - gives 20 food level So cooked meat is a lot better than fruits now. And why not make it so that you can eat different things at once. Let's say you manufactore something and you wanna eat 1 fruits, you get 1 min cooldown on fruits, you run out of food on food level, you eat cooked meat. By that time fruit cooldown will be around 30 secs. So people could still manufactore like they used to only now they will have to use all different food available on the game. That is logical people eat a lot in real life, and i thought the whole idea was to make the game more realistic. So sure people can eat fruits and cooked meat and get different cooldowns. At least it will it will enable us to enjoy the game as we used to. Without changes many people will freak out and leave the game. And veg and fruits is sure a different thing, at the moment it is only made to make us play longer...which cannot be very enjoyable. I will sure welcome some changes. And if that is not the kind of ideas you wanted to hear then i don't know what was the point of making this thread at all. Perhaps to get rid of some users, hehe.
  3. Items cooldown

    It's not such a bad idea of items cooldown. It will sure make the game more realistic. Howerver i have a suggestion. Well some of my friends liked it so i'll explain it briefly here. The idea is that the better you are at a particular skill the less you will have to wait before you can use the same item. If we consider an alchemist who makes healt essences ( he's): Level 1-10 alchemist - cooldown time 5 seconds Levels 11-20 - cooldown time 4 seconds Levels 21-30 - coodown time 3 seconds Levels 30+ - cooldown time 2 seconds Of coz that can be altered as you like. By the idea stays the same. Surely if you have 2 manufactorers and 1 of them is more experienced, the latater will be able to do the work faster. That's realistic in my opinion. Once again example, 2 manufactorers making leather pants: 1) Manu level 10, has to wait 10 seconds before able to make another 2) Manu level 20, has to wait 5 seconds So the more advanced items the bigger cooldown, but with high skills the cooldown time will go down. I'm sure someone could decide on min limit. I hope something like that will be implemeted. It will sure be a fair way round the problem. That will also motivate people into training for higher levels as you get better bonuses. That's realistic! Thanks for reading. Any comments are welcome, Grymauch Member of Rivan Warriors
  4. More skills?

    How about wood cutting? The higher your level the more different trees you can chop down. New trees will need to be introduced. The better quality the tree the better things you can make of it. For example with better quality wood you can manufactore better quaterstuffs. Also allow people to make wooden shields and stuff...
  5. New Manufacturing System

    Good idea and i love it! I'm a manufactorer and that new update won't change my mind about manufactoring in the future...somone mentioned braking of swords. I think to make it more realistic, if your sword brakes you can repair it yourself. BUT never lose it. Coz most swords can be fixed once broken. OR we could just pay to Tankel to fix it if you are bad manufactorer, but when you are better at manufactoring you can fix stuff yourself without Tankel's help, We will also need more swords and more armour. Coz it won't be fair if people get to keep their swords now and with the new update they will have already best swords. To overcome this problem we need better swords than serp. That way everyone will need to work to get new cool swords. And i do like Shivars idea about making sub-man skills, like in his picture: http://pic17.picturetrail.com/VOL835/2845044/inbox/63231.jpg Grymauch
  6. I've stopped doing my god quests more than a month ago when people said it will be reset. I just wonder if it will be reset at all and if anyone knows how long it will take for the god quests to be updated. Also is there any point doing them now..if they will be reset now. I thought no... Please tell me when we are getting god quests..i know everyone wonders about it. But i couldn't find a thread about it. Thank you in advance. Grymauch
  7. Russian

    Vamp ty chto tut delaesh,
  8. Unicorn vs. Grue

    warmastermage, nice story!
  9. Guild Wars Suggestion

    giannis, has written some good stuff in the other thread. (link above) gilthanas, i've read most of what u said above it...and it makes sense. I hope they can implement the guilds wars. It would be fun,
  10. Guild Wars Suggestion

    ya reduced drops sounds like a good idea. Also if you die in guild war you keep your best item or something. Let's say if you have a serp on you and someone kills u and serp is your best item you keep it. That makes guilds more organise when they are at war. It's like the monster invasion. Not all guilds will be warrying...so there won't be a chaos in the game. But some guilds will war, and their members will be ready. Walking in groups fighting other groups. That sounds like fun to me.
  11. I think this game will be a lot more interesting if guilds could declare wars on one another. For example when both guild declare each other. They would be able to pk each other not only in pk area , but anywhere. So if 2 guilds declare an official war on each other both guilds player could pk each other anywhere. Surely that would have been fan. Of coz if one guild declares a war on another, the second can always reject the war. Tell me what you think plz. And whether it can be done...it sure will be fun! Thanks.
  12. Chess Event :d

    A problem will be deciding where to move. Some guy might decide not move at all as his opponent will be stronger. Also it won't be chess as a pawn could kills a queen even if a queen attacks a pawn first. It's all about players strength. It's not gonna work. Though we sure could have checkers and chess in the game. So when u go to some area you have a chess board there and if 2 people are willing to play you get a new window and u can play it. What do u think of that? LIke a game inside a game?
  13. selling iron shield and tit bars

    hahaha. Shame on you jakoblin. No money for bagjumpers.
  14. Russian

    Na novom kontinente uzhe byli? Nichego tak prikolno tam. Chto by tuda popast idiosh v ws na lakeside, naxodish samij juzhnij dom na karte. Zaxodish v nego, potom nazhimaesh na lestnicu i ty na serkretnom pliazhe. Potom primerno v seredine perexodish cherez more i tam est' chuvak kotoromu ty platish 1k zolota i on tebia veziot na novij kontinent. Enjoy!
  15. Legalus - Bag Jumper Thief

    Nice joke on Legalus.