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  1. Help support a good cause & win prizes

    Good Cause....Count me in
  2. It has been a real long time since this topic has been talked about and Im still wanting to see this happen. Please read through the posts a let me know what you guys think. Thanks Initial Proposal: Having the Ring of Power have a possability to break a Ros stone when used on an opponent during battle.
  3. Special Days occur too Frequent!

    Wouldnt that make it 25% if there is an average of 1 per IRL day I must have just ran into one of those times where all the special days just happened to all be right together. Guess it is fine how it is.
  4. Special Days occur too Frequent!

    No reason to get bent out of shape shadeslayer.....It was just my opinion. Doesnt mean you need to agree with it. If you dont like it just say so, but no reason to say it like you did.
  5. Special Days occur too Frequent!

    Lately Ive noticed that Special days have been occuring to frequently. Yes some are good and some are bad and they are usually balanced, but why cant we just have some normal days? Last night I went to bed and it was Solar Flares then I wake up and its Scholars Day Then I go to class and come back and its The Book Print Day whatever its name is then I leave and come back and now it is Murphy's. Dont you think this is a little out of hand? Just my thoughts......
  6. Muppet's lotto returns

    Adarah has nothing to do with Evalin or the lotto
  7. Muppet's lotto returns

    Ummm yeah it is......He isnt though. Think hes done playing. I stole his lotto http://www.eternal-lands.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=25485
  8. Mute Local Chat Near Storage?

    Maybe in the options somewhere, have a mute local chat box that can be checked? This way it can be turned on and off so that we can only see #gm, pm, channel chat and #ig. And when you move away from the storage, just uncheck the box so you can see local chat again? With tabbed chat atm you cannot have it so channel chat and gm/ig are there and local chat isnt, can you?
  9. Mute Local Chat Near Storage?

    If mods suspect you of macroing they will pm you, not local message you.
  10. Mute Local Chat Near Storage?

    It gets quite annoying and sometimes impossible to see important pms and igs. Also, why do we need to know what everybody else talks about? No point to it. It is mostly useless information.
  11. Maybe have a few storages or even all of them muted of local chat? This will stop people from going there and having long drawn out convos in public and will stop people from constantly trying to sell items at storage instead of on the channel. Any thoughts?
  12. Muppets Lotto Continues!

    Winners posted on original post. Congrats to the winners and Good Luck to everybody in future drawings. Get your tickets early for next weeks drawing on June 7th.
  13. Muppets Lotto Continues!

    Once the lotto gets going well, the 10% will be reduced
  14. New Crafting Business

    Annnnnnnnd...If too many orders come in Rivan Warrior, Rashcaw , (15th top crafter) comes in to help :-) That is if milesp and shallara ever need the help.
  15. Muppets Lotto Continues!

    Next Weekly Drawing will take place the Wednesday after the pot hits at least 20,000gc. (Tickets 1,000gc Each) This drawing is Buy 5, get one FREE tickets! Total Pot : 8,000gc.......... Pot Paid: 4,000gc Cho_Yun--------->2 Tickets (0 Free)---->Paid--->#'s (1,2) Riku-------------->3 Tickets (0 Free)---->UnPaid--->#'s (3,4,5) 1st_Warrior------>2 Tickets (0 Free)---->UnPaid--->#'s (6) Lu_Ton--------->2 Tickets (0 Free)---->Paid--->#'s (7,8) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 50% of the total pot 1st place 25% of the total pot 2nd place 15% of the total pot 3rd place 10% of the total pot Event Coordinator ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ June 14th Winners (Pot Size 22,000gc) 6,24,25 Marc (11k), Dragami (5.5k), Enius (3.3k) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ June 7th Winners (Pot Size 21,000gc) 8,22,25 LadyWolf (10.5k), Korreon (5.25k), Cho_Yun (3.15k) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ May 31st Winners (Pot Size 108,000gc) 35, 73, 27 Gizz (54k), Midevilconevil (27k), LadyWolf (16.2k) Congrats to the winners and Good Luck to everybody in the future. Yes, the lotto must go on even though Muppet/Evalin is gone. I have decided to step in and take over the lotto for him. Here's how it'll work. Post here, or pm me in game. Tell me how many tickets you wish to purchase. Give me the gold coins, and I'll store it til the drawing, at which point I have a random number generator. If your ticket's number comes up, you win a prize. Tickets cost 1000 gold coins each and they can be refunded if you wish to change your mind BEFORE THE DAY OF THE DRAWING. I can not purchase tickets for myself. The drawing will be Wednesdays, when ever I get around to logging in. Please spread the word so we can get larger pots. Thanks, WiseDwarF Please PM me on EL forum, leave a message here, or PM Rashcaw in game.