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  1. Water cup+GF using comp= no more comp

    hrmm well will just smile here i think u may know why
  2. Whats your Favourite song at the Moment?

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AE3yia1AJeQ shott halo was fun x's el was lesson learned carefulz who you trust
  3. Novac Quest Bug

    Did you speak to the governer of desert pines she may tell you where to find that fox your looking for
  4. my pk suggestion

    pk is dead just talk more trash is ok idea though
  5. Whats your Favourite song at the Moment?

  6. Homemade TimTam

    ever consider hand-modeling Panatella ?
  7. Alien for Kids

    fell off your rocker seemz Qoute from the famous qouteir' Johnathan Doe: El has more WakkaDoodles in it than most assylums.
  8. broken rule 5

    Hi, unfortunately i broke rule number 5 i am very sorry to El staff and all other El players i am asking for an unbann the rule was broken and im prepared to accept the punishment whatever it may be p.s. the death penalty is no longer carried out in my state
  9. broken rule 5

    can ban my ip plz no longer wanna play hangz up my gloves, happy new year, am really a bad apple I think will be good if I go is all ty.
  10. New Year

    ouch my head hurtz today ne wayz thought i got tipzy n posted on here las night errm this morning truth hurtz i know happy new year
  11. New Year

    happy new years for sure cheerz*
  12. Merry Christmas, you're out of the guild!

    elves do all the work Merry Christmas all
  13. Questions from a new player

    keep your scams in game and never make any real life friends on el
  14. What do you want for Christmas ?

    heh hard to compete with that
  15. Santa Sarah

    Caste down by others, for lies of a another Question my fate, will stand at the gate There is no shame, you point your blame Spits out your koolaid
  16. Qoutes a Guildie: Our eyes and ears can fail us, but dreams can give us insight.
  17. fyi madalinux

    No worries Dalli we all have our days, and quiting doesn't solve anything is best not to walk away from it thats when you lose. We all see what goes on what role will you play in fixing it. Lotta guilds out there say in #guild_info how just and honorable they are, and thats all it is it seems text to fill the void. From my point of view go do, take action play a role, and win its an rpg. Ah and can always log off.
  18. Just a humorous solution to what I see as a humorous situation may go look for the 5k gold coin reward though.
  19. Still trying to find a solution for all this can you add a few more screenshots, I think it may help me to identify you quickly, and as for many missing ppl's cases it usually is the difference between being found or not.
  20. buy scotty died perk remo stone from shop so u can beam out do i win 5k or no ?
  21. Mage/healer 'class'

    Can't wait to see the light show great idea !!!
  22. Capped and Access Denied Arena's

    Can't really bash a suggestion like that no matter what it entails. I think offering your help to the game is admirable indeed. Nothing wrong with promoting what you enjoy lemme know if you get something going. olenthered in-game