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  1. willowvine summon area

    Cannot seem to enter the Willowvine sum area. Befor the update I could not see a door. I waited for the update now the door is in place but I cannot seem to enter it Is anyone else having this issue?
  2. willowvine summon area

    Just wondering if any update on this
  3. willowvine summon area

    You are in Willowvine Forest insides [273,305] This is inside the storage area
  4. Titanium Serpent Sword of Thermal

    Selling Titanium Serpent Sword of Thermal Offers please Thank you FireBalls
  5. Server crash?

    I have fallin and I can't get up
  6. To all our Friends!

    Thank you Alddra for the great pictures!! And a Big Thank you to all that came and helped us celebrate our Event!!!! FireBalls & SweeTThanG 4 ever
  7. Fed

    Radu is dead on with this This crap of making more money to pay off debt all it does is hurt all of us Have you seen an increase in your pay? So if the $$$ is worth less now, then you are also making less. All this is doing is making life for most of us harder and harder. Stop the gov from spending crap it does not have!!!! As for the Fed at one time yes it wa needed. Now it is over powerd and has no real use at all (Kinda like the current UN) You want to help correct the problems we keep having get behind a third party (dem & rep are made from the same mold these days) Get term limits on the ballet in your state. Start figuring out who you are voting for befor they are elected. Just My $0.02 If any of you rember Jimmy Carter welcome to his 2nd term!!!! FireBalls
  8. Notice NaC/Dao

    Just a not to all in this lovely world of eternals. The Guild NaC and the Guild Dao have now created a single guild FeaR We merged into a group of friends to work together and have fun As for our friends, allies, and enemies, we will continue to work on our relationships and since most of the hot heads don’t play anymore maybe some enemies will no longer be/see it that way. All the old standings you had with the Dao guild are the ones in place. Any questions or concerns feel free to contact FireBalls or BeanMaster PS Hope everyone is enjoying there time spent in Eternal Lands No More Drama Just here to have fun!!!
  9. KF o:

    Nice Ideas I have to agree with both of them FireBalls
  10. Notice NaC/Dao

    Thanks Kaddy
  11. Just one of those days.

    Have any of you worked so very hard on making plans. Plans to make something very nice take place. You worked out every step. Did everything within your power to make it become reality. Your down to the very last step to make it all come together. But the last step has to be completed by someone else. Now you sit and wait. Your stress level is through the roof. You feel like everything is out of your control. You try to keep your mind on other thing like work, kids, the weather but it all comes back to the uncertainty of will it work out or not. It is now out of your hands were you do not like things to be!!! If I still was a drinker I think I would be at the bar Any suggestion? FireBalls
  12. Just one of those days.

    Ok I like that saying But ya things are still up in he air but under way I'm stuck in Auston TX till the end of the month But the ball was handed off and I'll make it back home in time to close on our new house But I still hate not being able to control at least a bit of my future But hay at least I'm warm
  13. Easy rider

  14. Wicked Poisonous scorpions

    Mutant Skunks lol How about beavers that make dambs out of People not trees If the beaver gets ya you are stuck as part of the damb fir 15 in game min lol
  15. Death Cloak

    CAN YOU PASS ME WHAT YOU ARE SMOKING!!!! One hit kill we already have over powering items in game. We need more fun not less
  16. Classified Ads

    way to funny
  17. Just one of those days.

    I like shotguns better more splater ROFL
  18. Guess the player name!

    LOL ME?
  19. Just one of those days.

    Thanks Gohan You always had a good head on your shoulders!!
  20. Perkless Perk

    Seems that way to me too. If implemented it should NOT be removed by reset (like skeptic) so once you take it, you've got it FOREVER. And if you do reset, wave bye-bye to the 20 "free" PPs since it's not removed you can't take it again. Good Idea BKc But what you guys are also missing it also limmits the # of pp through neg perks you can get and you get no posative perks So if your NMT is broded o well your screwed no nmt perk or tinf perk
  21. Perkless Perk

    iNTERESTING iDEA 14-16 I can agree that is about the same as the painless negs out there But no posatives that would be a hard choice if ya sit down and think about it Guess we need to think on this one
  22. hand cannons

    Sniper in KF run!!!!!!!!!
  23. Should you stop playing EL

    I would say thats funny if it wasent so real!!!!! Nice One LabRat
  24. ZIP guild

    This is not the only crap they are pulling Look at this Just a heads up [PM from E_mc2: hi] [PM to E_mc2: hi?] [PM from E_mc2: can u help me pls i death in small room next to door in ogr spawn] [PM from E_mc2: i lost my gc,mm cape,i miss click ogr] You are under attack, you can't move. You enter a place reaking of evil and death. You were killed by E_mc2 ------ has expired. Name deleted to protect from being abused You have died and gone to the Underworld! No player is in the game with the name of E_mc2 So To all that care heres another group of friendly fun loving people Ateh I agree with you 100%

    Selling gel bones removal stone Offer here or pm in game Thank you FireBalls