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  1. Since Invasion Meters are more of a benefit to the community (help clear maps) than to an individual, I think making them last longer or be cheaper (or both) would be good. Anything that benefits the community at large would help more if it was cheaper.
  2. Everyone posting seems to be focused on the high-end stuff. I'd like to look at the other end. New players are often cash poor (books, sigils and supplies cost a lot of GC). So I think it would make sense to raise the minimum (and not change the maximum) for low end critters. Say Trolls and below, or perhaps Fluffies and below (for newish players). Of course everything above that break point (Trolls, Fluffies) would need a minimum no lower that the critters below it.
  3. this game needs a new start!

    Hehe. Amateur. PK server #stats: Server Uptime: 654 days, 3 hours,13 minutes
  4. this game needs a new start!

    We already did that once. It's called the PK Server. It's still alive and well, with a small player-base and virtually no actual PKing going on. It's better than main in a number of ways and I've been full-time there since it was started. It was very active for the first year or so, and then dropped off as all the PKers got bored and left (hilarious since it was exactly what THEY asked for). The people who remain find it a great environment in which to enjoy EL in peace. But I think it demonstrates that any demand for something new, and it's actual long-term usage, are pretty different. I don't see any need to test the "new server" idea again.
  5. I'd like to see the exp about 50% higher than dung. We need something with better exp for the higher level harvesters. (I've been doing dung for years, it would be nice to have something new.)
  6. Forgotten password

    If you can prove ownership, I think Entropy does (or did) password resets for a fee ($5??). You'll need to contact him directly.
  7. Unable to Harvest occasionally

    That sounds like the counter overflow bug we've seen for years on the PK server and has started hitting main due to a lower rate of server re-starts. It can cause one not to be able to harvests (as you described) or not be able to move (which is why sometimes critters are pinned and won't move). You can fix yourself by logging out/in. Lacking a server reboot, it happens about once every 49 days. It's apparently not worth fixing (I reported it to Radu 6 years ago).
  8. NPC Haidir

    Like how your 5 year old ID photo looks nothing like you?
  9. Do we really need/want more reasons for people to log off for the #day? Just asking (maybe we DO)...
  10. Bring back old Neno

    Or Entropy could just drop a few in the outhouse to be found by the dung harvesters. Why should the fighters find all the cool stuff? ;-)
  11. Inventory window shifted at log in

    I've noticed this too and have tried all sorts of things to fix it. But it simply won't save the window's position if it's closer to the left edge than some magic offset.
  12. Make all Big Books Makeable

    Why would I become dumber (less experienced) writing a book on how to do something? I don't see the sense in that. That said, big-books and quests sure take all the accomplishment out of leveling up a skill from zero. These days you just read a couple books and bang, level 26. Do it on the right #day and it's level 29 (6K short of L30). <yawn>
  13. I know my opinion wasn't asked for, but this is an unlocked thread in General Chat, so I'm free to give it. In the spirit of the game, I view being allowed to use alts as meaning you are free to develop multiple characters or builds (which you could always do) and are now also able to share equipment and money between your characters to help with that development. I do NOT view it (again, in the spirit of the game) as freedom to have an army of alts who's only purpose is to benefit a main char. My main char is a generalist (does a little of everything, and a lot of a few things). After a couple years I created an independent alt to play with a fighting-only build because I wanted to do something totally different. He had to be independently built without any help from my main. If I was doing that today where alt trading is allowed, simply giving some gc to the alt for books and gear would be a huge help. Given that, I don't see the use of alts as spies on certain dangerous routes, or to watch for specific characters or critters as falling within the spirit of the game or what would be considered appropriate use of alts. A spy/observer character isn't really a defined skill in EL. As an aside, I sometimes wonder if the change really reduced the load on mods at all. It changed enforcement from a very objective measure (trading among characters owned by one person) to a subjective measure (is that an appropriate or fair use of alts). The very questions being asked here show how subjective alt usage has become. On the other hand, one could argue that questions along the lines of "just how much can I get away with" suggest a usage that is not in the spirit of the game. Yes more subjective measures. Anyway, back to the PK server where none of this drama exists.
  14. New Forum colors

    I must have missed the memo, but what happened to the old theme?