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  1. #stats Server Uptime: 331 days, 5 hours,5 minutes Max players: 1400, Logged players: 12, Pending players: 0, Available: 1388
  2. New achivements

    If the achievements are added for finishing a tutorial, they'll need to be retroactive since it's impossible to do the tutorial again. It's also not really fair to people who have already put in the work.
  3. New Creature Suggestion

    If it lives in caves, how would it know daytime/nighttime? ;-) Many caves are too big for any light at the entrance to be seen.
  4. Ranging fix

    I would agree that the current implementation makes no sense. The farther away you are, the LESS likely it would be for the monster to "see" you and attack. If anything, being too close could draw him off, but not being farther away.
  5. New creatures

    The 100 a/d cap would make him perfect for the PK server where everyone is capped at 100.
  6. Eternal Lands Gamebook

    Seems like it would be a ton of work. But if you have a passion or interest in creating it, that's great. Do you anticipate this to be a literal printed book, or some sort of web-site where you use links to get to the text for the next section?
  7. I've wanted this for years. They should have slightly better stats than the un-modable version, and degrade to the un-modable version.
  8. Pickpoints spent in batch of 4

    It would be interesting to know how many times the OP when through the actual NPC dialog. If he went through it 4 times (perhaps thinking it wasn't working due to the food thing) then it's pilot-error. If he went through it once, then it's not.
  9. Raising caps

    I agree with a "no" vote to raising the a/d cap on the PK server. I've been playing daily since before the server went live (that is, I was involved in the beta testing period). And after all these years I still find the server fun (more fun that main) with no lack of things to work on after a/d is capped. Legend is ample proof that the a/d cap is not a limit to character development and the ability to kill higher and higher level critters with ease. I believe the recent increase in the attribute caps is a sufficient change which will take people years to fully take advantage of. I don't see a need for more char configuration changes at this time.
  10. Android client, 10th release

    I'm still hoping a simple way to select the server will be added before the final, final release. I'm actually more interested in access to the PK server than I am to the main server.
  11. Android client, 9th release

    Hmm, ok, not sure how I was supposed to figure that one out. Anyway, here's what I see when I turn on the mini-map (sorry, not sure how to set the size):
  12. Android client, 9th release

    Is there another way to turn on the mini-map besides alt-m? My tabled keyboard doesn't seem to have ctrl or alt, only shift. But other than already known issue, this release seems to be working OK (with limited testing).
  13. Android client, 7th release

    OK, that's what's happening to me also. Names show at .40, vanish at .39. I run 0.05 on main. They also vanish if you enable Isometric-View.
  14. Marking [non]PK areas

    Thanks. That's just what I wanted to confirm.
  15. Marking [non]PK areas

    I know it's (obviously) possible to define an area on a map as being PK or non-PK by using a set of points to outline the area. Is there a simple "switch" to declare the entire map to be PK or non-PK (or do all maps default one way or the other)?