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  1. Storage Sale

    Okay, that comes to 3440 Blee. Is that good for you? And I'll get those armors to you, knight. Total comes to 3000.
  2. Storage Sale

    Great, I'll try to reach you all in-game tonight
  3. Storage Sale

    Sounds good. See you in-game!
  4. Storage Sale

    Let's make a deal! If you don't like the price posted, then haggle Items marked (Claimed) have been asked for, but I haven't seen them online since they asked . . . (Stratos in-game) (edited: removed items that sold) Weapons: 2 Titanium Short---------500 1 Iron Axe----------------700 Armor: 9 Augmented Leather Torso---120 (Claimed) 16 Augmented Leather Pants---120 (Claimed) 18 Iron Helms------------190 1 Iron Plate Mail---------8000 1 Iron Cuisses-----------4000 Jewelry: 1 Unicorn Medallion----170 3 Dis rings-------------70 Essences: 2 Matter Essences-----8 127 Health Essences--7 Animal: 2121 Raw Meat------------5 52 Puma Fur---------------10 3056 Deer Antlers---------0.5 179 Wolf Fur---------------10 250 Tiger Fur--------------10 Clothes: 38 Skunk hats---------------50 21 Raccoon Hats------------50 Misc: 115 Bones Powder----------2 3660 Vials-------------------5 Phew!
  5. Of course it doesn't matter. This is a game, nothing matters in it. I also don't appreciate your insult on my math skills. I'm just making a suggestion to be helpful and I don't see why you feel the need to be rude to me. If you really thought that I found it so hard to figure out, then why do I have exact numbers in my example?
  6. While this may be a minor thing (and thus an easy fix ) It would really be nice for some of those bigger books out there. Instead of just showing 1000+ minutes, I feel that it should be broken down into hours and minutes. So while it is now something like this - ("You are researching %s, Research points left: %d/%d. ETA: %d minutes", book_name, points_left, total_points, minutes) , I was thinking something like this - ("You are researching %s, Research points left: %d/%d. ETA: %d hours, %d minutes", book_name, points_left, total_points, minutes / 60, minutes % 60) . So now instead of saying "ETA: 1459 minutes" it would say "ETA: 24 hours, 19 minutes". P.S. I realize that the code is probably off. I usually program in Java and the syntax is quite different.
  7. Animal Items

    Okay, that totals to 4140. See you ingame!
  8. Animal Items

    I have the following for sale. 73 Brown Rabbit Fur - 4 gc each 421Raw Meat - 5 gc each 49 Rat Tail - 3 gc each 51 Deer Fur - 3 gc each 39 Beaver Fur - 3 gc each 89 Deer antlers - 2 gc each 38 Fox Fur - 8 gc each 32 Skunk Fur - 5 gc each 342 Bones Powder - 2 gc each Please contact DarkSamuel ingame for the items.
  9. changing, improving harvesting

    I like the idea. I only see one problem. If we're using wooden handles to make pickaxes, they'd better be a lot better than the current ones since wooden handles cost 100 gold each.
  10. Voted yes, for the simple reason that it seems everytime that I wanted to PVP, there was no one on to kick me.
  11. The Grue

    Neko the Kitty And we all thought it was because of lag
  12. This topic is about skinning animals. As of now there is no goblin skin/meat, and when was the last time you pk'd someone and they dropped a jamesladd skin? Monsters should still drop as usual.
  13. Titanium armor

    Absolutely Gorgeous!!!
  14. a heath bug

    I'd just like to confirm that I can no longer make it work. Thanks Entropy!
  15. Tunics

    If implemented, wouldn't it make more sense to be a potion thing?