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  1. Fess up

    1. cheese paper??? 2. yes 3. chewing on things 4. dont really care 5. great movie 6. japan 7. mario 8. cats 9. city living all the way 10. once or twice
  2. Oldbie Poll

    hey now.. i play runescape.. and while i did play el, i never bag jumped or scammed.. i never scammed in rs either... so u cant say all noobs come from rs.
  3. Gods of Gaming

    rofl.. yea we got me as admin and koneko and saderox as asst admins.. we dont need more.. but if/when we get big, youll be first pick for an admin spot
  4. Gods of Gaming

    lol yea i know.. our rules are pretty loose. most of our members came from Zeldaunvierse.net but things were too strict so i made my own forum. we dont have many members (48) so we dont need to be real strict. hell.. u can talk about anything you wont.. no1 really cares. yea im zeonx.. i have many names. lol. to tell the truth i only act like a prick on here cuz its so damn easy. so whoever is lookin at this and thinks "that guys an ass, i dont care how good his forum is, im not goin" should reconcider cuz im not an ass, i just play one on EL. lol so anyway.. yea its loose on my forum, triple post if you want. we dont give a flyin ****. cya around
  5. Oldbie Poll

    yea i quit playin.. just wasnt my thing.. wasnt very fun.. community isnt as great as everyone says it is.. so yea. i hear ya
  6. Gods of Gaming

    hey thanks.. at least someone here likes it what u mean be patient with posts?
  7. freaky things on word

    how could NO1 see tupacs killer, there were TONS of people there and not 1 person could see what the person sort of looked like?!
  8. freaky things on word

    the thing about tupac that make me mad is this: if he was shot and KILLED then why cant they find who did it? there were people all over the place.. u cant tell me not one person saw what happened. it was in vegas after a tyson fight! that place was swarmin with people. we cant find is "killer" but we can find suddam in a freakin hole in iraq.. thats bullshit
  9. freaky things on word

    thats what im thinkin.. i think the whole thing is BS..
  10. freaky things on word

    whats it show? i dont have word on this comp
  11. Who would win

    how about my foot verses your ass. lol jk turtles.. they never loose... its sad really
  12. Gods of Gaming

    the people saying it sucks arent registered, theyare guests, which undoubtedly came from here.
  13. You got owned.

    i agree with scarab on that... they wasted alot of money
  14. Rant On the World

    lol cant always tell by usernames
  15. Gecko is one old mutha

    yea crazy isnt it.