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  1. No drops non-auto-capping PK arena

    I'll agree. Back when tit serp swords were the strongest crowds used to gather to watch the fights take place and it might make for a better fight with it being 1 v 1 with stands for the crowds to watch.
  2. Buying Black Dragon Armor Set

    Buying Full Black Dragon set no helm pm me in game or leave a post here -Isenguard -Edit Bought a Set for 290k
  3. Auctioning Tunics, Efes for Event Winning Team

    105k for bow and arrows
  4. Auctioning Tunics, Efes for Event Winning Team

    Offer taken back
  5. Go PK!

    Ok not trying to be mean but what is your problem? you play a game and ur worried about losing ur precious armor? Pk is what makes games if you havent noticed on major games people dont pay just to make armor 99% of them pay to fight so they could be best. That involves fighting not being the best at being lazy and pushing the mix button. Btw if you look at ur siggy its quite amusing maybe you should go there because thats what ur doing
  6. Democracy in EL

    Radu you have the power to make the decisions nice of you to ask for peoples oppinions. But with people complaining they should shut up and dont argue with u. If they want something that you dont like, they should deal with it or make there own game. Just my oppinion -Isenguard (in game and on pk server)
  7. Whats happened to PKG?

    I miss them but for the people that know me ingame i was in pkg for a good while 9-10 months even after mufossa quit but i quit due to inactivity etc... but guilld is almost gone now due to every1 getting banned and ppl playing WoW
  8. Little Dekke!

    congratz dekke wish you good luck in raising your kid -Isenguard
  9. Corpus Opis

    i'll join if your willing -Isenguard
  10. How fast r y00?

  11. Kill the post above

    roflmao duck tape will fix that tho just reattach and add duck tape
  12. Kill the post above

    what is it? my wrist with both bones broken in half
  13. Kill the post above

    Fix this
  14. Tahraji Desert Manhunts

    I wouldnt mind being a target and i had fun doing it i would die pretty quick tho
  15. Special Days

    i dislike this idea because what happens when you get a good day for ex. sun tzu and only get 3 hours? i'd rather have those 6