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  1. Best for Boredom

    Another update Whew, this list is getting long
  2. fighting

    Yes, but the new market for serps- and all weapons for that matter- would make them more valuable and more expensive, making it harder for peopl to get them. Plus, why dont we determine how much exp you get by some equation based on the monster's a/d and health? so the higher level you are, the less exp you get for monsters.
  3. Virtual outbreak

    Holy crap. I didn't think that spam mail I got was real
  4. What is better

    Swords are more useful with lavelling up, but it's just so satisfying to see an army of rats take down a goblin Ive seriously done that before too LOL
  5. Joker

    Yeah, I like these ideas. I was really dissapointed the first time I found joker, and all I got was a loaf of bread <_< . But, the anti-teleport potion and load potions really wont do much to you. I for one, have never even used a teleport ring, and I rarely carry all 320 emus i can carry, usually about 20-30 less.
  6. Best for Boredom

    Updated the list
  7. If there were no restriction....

    I think if you made the first one a bit thinner, it could be a good size for an avatar.
  8. can't accept people to buddy list.

    sure... can you explain how i do that?
  9. Whenever I try to accept someone to my buddy list, the game freezes and I have to restart the computer to get the game working again. Anyone know what happened?
  10. Serpent Sword Mod

    and there could be a random event where you acidentally swallow your poisoned needle J/K a poisoned blowgun would be fun to use, and I like the idea of poisoning weapons
  11. A idea for a magic spell

    how about instead of it being a spell you cast directly on other players, you can spike your bag with it. So then bagjumpers would have to b more careful of which bag they steal
  12. did anyone pre-order xbox 360 yet?

    well, entertaining games are fairly hard to come by, and I happened to like the way the controls were set up. And killing hordes of zombies is always a plus But, people can have different tastes in games.
  13. did anyone pre-order xbox 360 yet?

    you obviously haven't played God of War or Chaos Legion, have you?
  14. Best for Boredom

    Some day's there really isnt anything to do. no good TV, no work to do, and you can't/ don't want to leave the house. Well, here are a bunch of sites that will help you with that. I-AM-BORED a site ive found fairly recently. Some really good stuff in there, and it updates every day. I reccomend using the "Randomizer" option. ---NOTE:Be careful of a few of the links though. bored.com some cool stuff here, but it really shines in the humor section .I reccomend NameHumor link. Made me laugh so hard i couldnt talk for a day Ge tAmused some of the best jokes on the web : Ctrl Alt Del most of you probably know this site already, but for those who don't, this will keep you laughing for days :lol: Murphy's Laws The complete list of murphy's laws. Alot of these happen to me on a daily basis Stick Page For those of you that like mindless, pointless stick-figure violence, this place is for you. Bunnyman Now, this isnt a real site, but it's a flash clip that I think is really funny and that EVERYONE should see. Rather Good A bunch of flash videos that I GARUNTEE will make you say "WTF?" Digital Music Center an online music player. Lets you listen to the FULL tracks of thousands of CD's by lots of artists. I have to thank my sister for this one Box of Mystery Thank you RasberryBeard/scarab2k (whatever you prefer) for this Lots of good stuff here. I reccomend the "FF VIII-Bring Me To Life" video, some of the best stuff ive seen...ever Hyper Frame Hyper frame. An extremely hard, but fun puzzle game. Sofar I have gotten to level 19 Ebaums World Ebaums world. A good humor and games site. Gaming World Gaming world. Site with lots and lots of downloadable games. Edit: a few updates to the list Edit 2.0: more sites
  15. did anyone pre-order xbox 360 yet?

    meh, not gona get anything new until my PS2 runs out of good games.Or I can at least get a good trade-in deal