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  1. Camo cape might hide name

    I have allways been wondering why we actually DO see other people's name in combat/pk area. It would be logical that we see the names of people we know/like, as in guildmembers and buddies, but it isn't logical that we see the opponents name. Without opponents name/health points/health bar, he can be sitting in a bush, where everybody walks past him and nobody sees him. It truly adds more tactics to the pk (ambushes, who is fighting who, camo-cape more functional, etc. etc.) would make pk-life more interesting
  2. Decay rates on enriched essences

    Isn't the price so much fluctuating because of the increase chance followed by a decrease chance in making EFE from the proces of making FE's? I think hoarding isn't bad and the inactive-EFE's aren't bad as well. What made it bad was that it made Entropy decrease the production rates. I have seen a few responses from Entropy on the issue that there were such and so many EFE's in the game, but that are no EFE's on the market. Hoarders and inactives don't sell very well ... hoarders only buy when prices are low enough and thus keeping the price on the rest of the EFE's on market very high. If the making of EFE's is restored to old values (1 in 3k I believe? might be wrong here) than there will be a surplus of them in market again - at least over time, when there are enough of them created again -. With that surplus, market will settle to somewhat lower prices, but there is a market for them! Hoarders will get there hands on easier EFE's and players that actually want to make something can also buy them! Because of all these discussions more and more people will be triggered into hoarding! It's like a few years ago in Holland, where there was a problem in milk delivery for a few days. People can live through a few days without milk, but all the shelves were empty for 2 weeks in a row! Scared of it happening again! So after the supply restored, people staid frenzy in buying the milk and keeping the shelves empty. It kinda works in EL with EFE's as well. If I would be very lucky and create 3 EFE's within 1k of FE's ... I wouldn't sell them. Not any time soon at least ... because IF I would need them in the future, you KNOW how hard they are to buy, because of the discussion that is going on now. This wouldn't be a problem if there is just a market for them. I will sell them (freshly made) because I don't need them now and will buy them back if I will need them (if ever!) That's my view about this topic. In short: restore to old values to restore market
  3. Platinium Coins

    I actually dont mind the rate of value of the coins ... it is all discussable but there are so many things ingame that are now overpriced, like the flowers. The allready go into 0.25 or 0.33 gc per flower and such, but if a smaller valuta then gold coins are introduced, you can make it more realistic. bronze coins - flowers, sulphur silver coins - leather armour, low swords, ores, rings, potions, etc. gold coins - iron armour and up, mid-level swords, damage/disengage/C2 rings, higher pots (BR etc.) platinum coins - highest armour and specials, Enriched essies, high-end potions/craft-stuff, etc. You can make a more realistic scale. People selling stuff at shops can be traded fair, from highest valuta down to lowest. But if you want to exchange 1 valuta for another, you pay a fee. Example of selling let's say 40 iron swords to NPC You get 12345 (old style) gold coins for them. In the style of draegox it will be given to you as: 12 platinum coins 3 gold " 4 silver " 5 bronze " clarified? good? bad?
  4. use of different heights

    but than at least for the poor small creatures that have to go around fences now! they at least should be able to go under the fences
  5. What I am gonne suggest will probably be difficult to create, but probably not impossible. At least we just got a great update and this can be a thingie to think about for a next one? Ok, here comes the question I was wondering about: "Why do small animals have to walk around fences?" (those animals be rabbits, rats, beavers, etc.) I know fences are marked as "unwalkable" so there is a need for height per animal (coding - hard?) Than per object there needs to be something like "unwalkable above this or that height" (coding - again hard?) It makes sense that if a beaver wants to go from 1 side of the fence to the other side, that he just goes under the fence. Where we humans have to walk around the fence to catch the little creature It will make the teleport to range spell much more used I suppose It can further be used for things like caves and stairs: Gnomes and Dwarves can go into tiny holes/caves, where the larger playable races can't But Gnomes and Dwarves can't go up stairs with to much height difference (small legs) And vice versa for large playable races, the can go up those stairs but not into the tiny holes/caves. Offcourse almost everything -map wise- stays as it is now. I don't want any parts of any maps be excluded for some races. It is only for a few shortcuts that can shorten a trip. Benefit for being small or large, both at certain times, across the world. Thinking even further ahead, it can even get a use for magic. Example; "I'm feeling small/large today"-spell (or something like that) But basicly what I am asking for is: 1) Is it possible to make a code for heights per creature and object? so that unwalkable areas become walkable if height < ## feet and unwalkable > ## feet 2) What about my suggestion? Like it? don't like it? Why? etc I really don't want to suggest to keep certain places inaccessable for some races.
  6. How to improve the magic skill

    What I am gonne say here has been said before, but not completely in the way I am typing now. Strong fighters got high magic (almost all of them) Let 'fighters'-armour be with a magic casting penalty (-1, -2, -3, higher penalty per higher armour, and it all adds up under #arms) this way spells of people wearing let's say tit armour, will be less effective than people wearing leather. Further-more, let's add more mage cloth stuff (suggested before) wich all give magic spell casting benefits, greater strength in the spells, larger effect/duration, less mana used, etc.! This way a fighter has to rely more on his a/d and less on his magic level and a Mage can use his magic spells more effectively ...
  7. Found a binding stone while harvesting hydro

    You dont need any teleport ess, he had 24 swords and 4 HE in 25 slots (23 free, hydro, bind), I use tele ess only in maze, it worth 3 hydro/trip, but I can mule 60 swords/trip, so idk if it worth for ~30 How can you mule 60 swords per trip? With only 36 slots maximum I would guess that you carry ingredients for swords and manu them there? But that is the only way I can think of 'muling' 60 swords per trip, how else?