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  1. The World Championship of PKing!

    Sign me up, Im 39/42/22/24 Im from the us so i hope i can make the cut. Try to announce the date asap so i will make sure ill be on. Oh i meant form the United States so sign me up for em
  2. The Curse of the Uncursed

    Alright here is my info-Im Shea Omsford,tall-elf, stats 37/38/20/20, strength-summoning & fighting, weak-magic
  3. Here's something you don't see everyday

    well, that got kind of rediculous, I dont see why anyone cared if it was give or take, anywayz I applaude Vamp
  4. All OuT WAR!

    SheaOmsford here im willing to give it a shot, and to Shiv, i hope that ppl will sign up in the masses.
  5. Guild Leaders

    Good idea, PSN is game to try it.Get more info and rellay it back to the forums ide like to get more info on this topic though
  6. Complaints About Rich

    If you are trying to improve ur guilds reputation it would seem wise not to lie about other matters, such as my guild.And i would suggest not trying to start crap with other ppl and then act all innocent.
  7. Messenger Bot sign-up list

    PSN Poison SheaOmsford