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  1. Help me name my cat!

    Call her : Meat
  2. In Memoriam

    Des, wherever you are now, please know that I'll always remeber you! I've known you for several years and you were one of the most precious people in EL! I don't know how to express my sadness, the info was a shock to me... To all those who knew her : be strong, because she was. Desda, Sexy [*] http://pl.youtube.com/watch?v=VRsJlAJvOSM&...feature=related Thy Jio
  3. Design-a-cape contest

    http://img292.imageshack.us/my.php?image=cape1whiteoq1.png Like butterflies ? :>
  4. Counters disappearing

    @Bluap My personal settings directory/folder are perfectly fine, no errors detected... Guess there is no need of explaining the use of the text editor in viewing the counters file. I'm not an expert at computer studies, maybe someone will figure it out how to help me?
  5. Counters disappearing

    Dear EL team, I am writing this 'note' because I have got a problem with my counters, which had happened to me before, sad for me. The problem is as follows: For some unknow reason my counters clean themselves from time to time (it had happened to me 4 times), All I know is that today I opened EL in a normal way and the client have returned to the basic configuration and all my counters were empty. I find it rather strange, because I did not change anything in the configuration of my EL client nor did I change the Windows ( XP sp 2 ) config. I even found my old counters file in My documents folder (5kb) but it was empty or at least seemed so. I have spoken with Creedka about this problem, she told me to post here. I hope my little problem will be taken under consideration. Yours faithfully, Jio
  6. Buying reasoning removal stone

    Got 1 for sale catch me in the game Jio
  7. Which was your biggest project ever?

    1k s2e a lot of harving : iron ore, coal, red roses, redsnap dragons, sulfur mixing : pofs, bars
  8. It's riddle time!

    Congratz to Kwas! The explanation: Itzies -> Itzaltan -> wing -> a bird You start at IP (a bird is on the flag of IP) You take a ship to WS ( birds travel crossing the seas ) Greeny pile -> assosiation : Fall -> Forest of the Falls animal : unicorn -> the statue of Uni in the Forest of the Falls Jio
  9. It's riddle time!

    I know, so I guess I must give some hints. #Hint 1. Find a player's name in the riddle, this will help a lot #Hint 2. The Greeny pile is a location on a particiular map, it is connected with its name. #Hint 3. The Horny pig is an animal connected with the last 2 lines of the riddle. Good luck.
  10. It's riddle time!

    In the bag there is something worth 20k. :>
  11. It's riddle time!

    Hi folks, got a quest for you! I've made a simple riddle and I want somebody to guess the meaning. The meaning shows the place where I've hidden a hyperbag with a price for the lucky one Here it goes : The itzies thing with twice is born, shall show thou the starting horn. Before the winter winds must it go to search the treasure very low. The Greeny pile is where to dig, below the horny pig. The ladies should see it first If not, find yourself a pure quest. Good luck and please let me know If you found out where the bag is Yours, Jio
  12. EL dreams?

    Internesting dream, lol, do you fight Fluffies a lot? Or wish to? The buggy thing would make me laugh! I fight with fluffies recently but I didn't when I had that dream
  13. What was your first guild?

    the same
  14. EL dreams?

    Once I had a dream, I was on a hunt with one of my guildies, we tracked a fluffy, but it tried to escape so we took our motorbike and followed it but it took a buggy and ran away O.o Strange dream.
  15. NMT breakable poll

    In my humble opinion NMT properties shouldn't be changed. Let's keep it as it is. This product is quite expensive and hard to find thus such action would lower its (high) rank in the EL community. Jio