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  1. Animators

    As far as I know unFREEz is a small simple program that has unlimited number of slides, though I haven't tested that part.
  2. New Death Messages

    XXX should have looked both ways before crossing the street. XXX shouldn't have pressed the red button... XXX has learned the importance of not mixing energy essences with water. XXX had a viability malfunction. XXX now gets to learn what Custer said at his final stand. XXX shouldn't have called Mortos'(s's?) bluff. XXX has finally realized that wasn't such a good idea. XXX's final words: "What's the worst that could happen?" XXX should have read the fine print. This is too much fun Will edit if/when I think of others
  3. Kill the post above

    Oops, there goes the roast wolverine dogs...
  4. pink floyd's syd barrett dies

    Rest in peace
  5. Three word story

    "Holy pants! It's
  6. Three word story

    could be made
  7. Ninjas are sweeet!

    ... Some people have far too much time on their hands. I wonder how many books he's actually sold with this sort of BS in it
  8. Send good thoughts

    Congratulations to both of you, she's adorable! Best of luck and do try to get some sleep too
  9. What is your favorite C1 map?

    Favorite: Morcraven Marsh, though Tarsengaard is a very close second. Least favorite: I'd have to say Desert Pines, but only because everything's so far apart
  10. Send good thoughts

    Congratulations! Hope everything goes well

    Noooo, I have it stuck in my head now
  12. Whats you favurite music type?

    What in the world is house music? I must be missing something Big fan of classic rock, classical, somewhat alternative, a bit of techno. Not a big fan of country and rap (mainly because of the lyrics and the fact that I can never understand what they're saying anyway), but I will tolerate it if need be. Anything with a beat is good
  13. SSOTW: Pk fight shots!

    Click on the thumbnails for the full-size version
  14. MMO Site contest winners

    Did I mention that I only have $1.55 to my name in change at the moment? ;; Plus my parents would not approve, particularly since otherwise my computer works perfectly fine. In fact, they despise the game because I got my brother addicted and he tried to use my parents' credit card to buy stuff from the store -without permission. But yeah. Do what you want with my prize
  15. MMO Site contest winners

    I got second place in "most dramatic," but unfortunately I can't play EL anymore because of my graphics card. Can I get that instead? XD Only kidding. You can go ahead and keep the prize, or donate it to the ants, or whatnot