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  1. FreeBSD

    I always had to go trough a lot of hassle to compile EL on FreeBSD. So I wondered: has anyone already successfully compiled it yet? If so, what are the points I should be considering? Any weird stuff? BTW: tried it on Vista. Didn't work. Tried other games as well, and they didn't work. OpenGL in Vista is not possible, AFAICT, at least not with my GeForce 4. When I have time (tomorrow), I'll try to compile the beast on FreeBSD. I'll post anything noteworthy here. I invite all other BSD-ers to do the same!
  2. NPC Portraits

    @Ortak: I see a fine dwarf in that picture... my apologies if that insults you... Is there a list somewhere with people already covered? I only know of Tanyia and LadyReni... others about?
  3. Players lenght

    2.03 here, to be exact
  4. Players lenght

    When there is a 5% delta, and users can change their size themselves (without paying or anything) there will be eventually three groups: -5%, 0% and +5%. My best bet would be: calculate a size-shift for every existing character and apply it. Also: do not touch the creation process, but apply a size-shift directly after creation on every new character. Just thinking out loud... Those spells sound good by the way... (by the way: average size here: 1.75m. I'm considered tall at 2.00m. At 1.50m, one is considered small. So the delta is roughly 28.5%. More is possible, but very uncommon. Now, let's say you are tall (and broad and muscled, if you wish). Shrink yourself (use Photoshop) by just 12%... doesn't look "natural". Size is usually a tad more affected by legs opposed to the body, so Roja is absolutely right)
  5. I'm playing a...

    I voted crafter, but I could have voted Other, since I tend to explore a lot (my character levels slowly, just because of that. I started playing a year ago, have played actively for about 7 months total, and my oa is 38 ) Anyway, I chose crafting a month or so ago. Before that I tried summoning.
  6. Spelling And Grammar Errors

    Thanks a lot!
  7. Spelling And Grammar Errors

    When one enters the temple of Zarin (TG) he/she is mentioned as a goddess. The messages from Durnam, my intuition, the gender of Glydoc and the remarks of others led me to believe this is a spelling error (on the server-side). However, it could well be that the god changed from male to female on the transition from Glydoc to Zarin, and the words of Durnam aren't properly adapted yet (on the client side). I'd like to know (for my RP-ing) if he/she/it is male or female. And it definitely is a bug somewhere Regards, Cormaher
  8. Formal Proposal to Buy Eternal lands

    The buyout by FSF wouldn't be such a bad thing though, except for the GPL3 (which isn't finished nor in use yet) and the precompiled Windows client...
  9. My apology

    Gohan: maybe, just maybe, you should have PM-ed him that... now everyone will be taking you as their anger-channel... Beorn: gratz for being this open. I'm jealous (you'd almost think EL has a special month this month: month of gnawing conscience... all those apologies Still a good thing though!)
  10. 'Tanta'

    so, we get to see a lot of Ants visiting Tanta? (selling crowns, keys etc at Port Anitora btw... can't miss here when traveling to C2)
  11. Guild-merchants

    After reading through the bidding help, it asks if it can do anything else for me, but doesn't give me options... would be nice if it did [edit]it does the same when clicking "nevermind"... I understand that regular commands, like buying and selling should be placed there, but still...[/edit] [edit2]furthermore, it would be nice (not more than nice) if they get implemented that the merchants say who they are when talking to them, or are placed further from eachother. I was able to talk to both from one spot, and didn't know at a certain time to which I was talking.[/edit2] any other bugs I find will be edited into this message...
  12. Ring of power

    The last recipe seems fine to me, from various standards: - economical: reasonable cost to produce - difficulty: you still need something that is made by chance - RP-ing: "this ring is not crafted by fire, but made by magically melding 10 Rings of Damage and 50 Essences of Death together (by using a stone of binding and an enriched ME)" Makes more RP-sence to me, somehow
  13. A fresh start,a clean slate and a new mid

    I have to agree, but it was another kind of maturity that I was talking about... I don't know how to put my thoughts about this in English correctly. I sometimes have my doubts about youngsters when it comes to drawing the line when in-game matters get mixed up with RL-matters. But then, your post still stands, considering the latest events on this forum or in the game. I still do not know what to think about certain matters exactly... I do not know where I would draw the line when age is concerned, but I'm definitely sure that anyone below 10 should not play any MMORPG. Between age 10 to 16, the line becomes blurred. By the way, this is off-topic, and has only side-ways to do with the things in this thread.
  14. A fresh start,a clean slate and a new mid

    before anyone comments on anything other than I'm literally about to say: I am not commenting on anyone in particular. Right, my point: I seriously think there should be an age-limit on EL. The game (and Fantasy Role-Playing in general) need some kind of maturity (or maybe: "wisdom of life") that a minority of players is absolutely lacking. This is not about attitude, it's about "backbone" and the ability to cope with drawbacks and critics. Just my two cents. I'm not saying at which age I would draw the line. Not am I saying that I think that those people are at fault here. I'm just stating my opinion, based on the sense of responsibility that I, at my astonishment, seem to have. [edit] Deleted my PS to Mid about ADHD since it made no sense, but pay attention to it, folks! [/edit]
  15. Comp freezes?

    FPS above 30 is already more than a normal eye can see IMHO. I limit the FPS always on 15 (since I tend to have a lot of other apps / compiling business open in the background)