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  1. Hola Everyone

    So... I kind of just stopped playing EL one day and stopped coming back, so I decided to stop by and say Yo to people that remember me or those that don't >_< My name changed a bit from Scavok, to Lord Scavok to Lleumas to Demoncraft back to Lleumas. So whats going on with you ELians? Currently waiting for the Open Beta of Perfect World, which will be out either next week or week after. http://www.perfectworld.com.my/ --> check it out, not that I'm saying you should quit EL And hey to ~LE~ If ya'll are still around. Now.. say Hi to me bitches http://www.postimage.org/aV1OlY7A-48451f9a...02627812211.bmp Thats me on the chinese server messing around -Lleu
  2. What was your first guild?

    First Guild - The Smegs when i got first level 20 : Tag - Smeg Left in within a week, too many guild after that to list buy currently ~LE~ Legends of teh Empire \o/
  3. blast from the past!

    Scavok_2009 How long ago was that, I don't even remember having that name, but thats me >_< figgy scammed me outa my first doom cape \o/ // eww my grammar
  4. Disclosure of the rate changes

    I voted no, because I'm poor and those giant price leaps are ev0l It'll be easier to see things become cheaper as more are produced and price goes down regularly, but without announcing that you are making things more scarce it's harder to see and the price increase is much slower ... ---- On another note, could you spike the price of beaver furs to 2k like the old days would help my brokeness -Lleu /DC/many other names o_0
  5. Windowed bug(?)

    When I have EL windowed and I click off to other screens it still acts as if i clicked in EL and I walk off in some random direction... Not sure why, but i just assumed it had to do with me having 64 bit vista Oh well, G'day Lleumas
  6. The EL Gala--Final Details!

    The even was great. I do hope you do it again, and the fireworks were amazing Sure they will get better as more effects are added to the game too. Below are the pics i took during the fireworks show for those that missed it >_< 9 fps ... gosh. http://i58.photobucket.com/albums/g262/gam...3/Untitled8.jpg http://i58.photobucket.com/albums/g262/gam...3/Untitled5.jpg http://i58.photobucket.com/albums/g262/gam...3/Untitled4.jpg http://i58.photobucket.com/albums/g262/gam...3/Untitled3.jpg http://i58.photobucket.com/albums/g262/gam...3/Untitled2.jpg http://i58.photobucket.com/albums/g262/gam...i3/Untitled.jpg Would have had more, but typing #cls and pressing print scr at the same time proved a challenge ;P Not my finest Screenshots of all time, but it was fun
  7. Greetings from another World

    As me being player of games, I donno I get bored. I can explain how DP(Dungeon Parties) work in most games. (Though I haven't played LC, maybe i should give it a try) Firstly, since dungeons usually have higher level monsters or just tougher all together you are almost always in a party, In WoW it's an instance group, in rappelz its a DP. Depending on the skill your group has, usually you get a warrior or someone with a large amount of health to tank and take most the hits( assuming mages/priests don't aggro* and gets pwnd) If yours group is decent at DP'ing you can take on multiple MOB's** instead of all teaming one, but most parties still consist of the same things, names may vary game to game but they'd be something like a priest(someone to heal/buff), warrior(usually to tank), couple mages,warlock whatever(mass damage from afar), Hunter/Whoever has the bow to be a puller(People with a bow can pull MOB's closer to the DP so that you don't split up and aggro more MOB's) Of course this is just more of an overview, it would probably get a little more specific depending on the game, but that is how you don't get pwnd by 5-10 monsters *Aggro - Usually refers to magical type skills where the persons cause monsters to attack them without meaning to. Aggro noobs can't be quite the downfall of a good DP. **MOB - (mobile object) - It just refers to a monster than has the ability to harm you. -Lleu P.S. -- Yeah, I'm bored, Finished Elfen Lied now im out of animes // Edit, I'm an idiot. Grammar bah
  8. The Waybackmachine

    So, I don't exactly play anymore, again, ill probably be back eventually, i always come back. But, for now, I figure Ent/Roja/Mods/Admins/Oldbie Players would enjoy this if you hadn't already seen it. http://www.waybackmachine.org/ for example http://web.archive.org/web/20030806053807/...in=download.php notice the big red words at the top LAWL im trying to find out when i joined in, anyways, out for now. -Lleumas/Lord_Scavok/DemonCraft
  9. Vista trouble, it worked before

    Yeah, under the security tab it says i do, but Who knows -- its vista -.- , what's it trying to auto update? -- could i manually D/l that and fix it?
  10. Vista trouble, it worked before

    Well, I have a "lite" version of Ultimate It also hasn't worked with any of my latest vista installments. In the past week i've had home premium, business, and home basic before ultimate. I tried going to the config and manually editing it, but it comes up with the same Res and error. If anyone wants to give me a XP Pr0 product key I could solve this -Lleu
  11. Vista trouble, it worked before

    Umm, Im getting the same error as the last guy -- It opens for .5 seconds and then closes, and its as RES like 640x480 -..-, except It worked fine when i had vista at first, I took Screenshots. Anyways, I'm getting the same error. Comp specs below \|/ ... not sure what all ya need so ill post random stuff -.- HP 1 gig ram 150 gigs HDD on this partition Nvidia GeForce 6150le integrated crap (Drivers updated) amd 64 dual core 2.2ghz Error log: Log started at 2007-04-02 21:30:37 localtime (Central Daylight Time) [21:30:37] Error: Can't open file "quest.log" [21:30:37] Downloading http://www.eternal-lands.com/updates133/files.lst from www.eternal-lands.com [21:30:37] Error: Can't open file "commands.lst" [21:30:40] Download needed for languages/en/Encyclopedia/Alchemy.xml [21:30:40] Downloading http://www.eternal-lands.com/updates133/la...dia/Alchemy.xml from www.eternal-lands.com [21:30:40] Download needed for languages/en/Encyclopedia/Armour.xml [21:30:40] Download needed for languages/en/Encyclopedia/Attributes.xml [21:30:40] Download needed for languages/en/Encyclopedia/Books.xml [21:30:40] Download needed for languages/en/Encyclopedia/Clothes.xml [21:30:40] Download needed for languages/en/Encyclopedia/Creatures.xml [21:30:40] Download needed for languages/en/Encyclopedia/General.xml [21:30:40] Download needed for languages/en/Encyclopedia/Gods.xml [21:30:40] Download needed for languages/en/Encyclopedia/Harvesting.xml [21:30:40] Download needed for languages/en/Encyclopedia/Jewelry.xml [21:30:40] Download needed for languages/en/Encyclopedia/Magic.xml [21:30:40] Download needed for languages/en/Encyclopedia/Maps.xml [21:30:40] Download needed for languages/en/Encyclopedia/Help.xml [21:30:56] Error: Can't open file "counters_lleumas.dat" ------------------------- I've tried just about everything i can think of so ... ehh I've got Vista Ultimate btw, in case that matters >_> ------- I figure it probably has something to do with me crashing my comp 7 or 8 times in the last week, but who knows. Maybe i should just install the linux version :/
  12. Whats your Favourite song at the Moment?

    Ehh seeing as how I'm a music whore, I'll just post whats currently playing and that is..... Seether - Burrito -- DC (lleu)
  13. Error.. [SOLVED]

    And the maps weren't the problem, which I said --- but thanks anyways
  14. Error.. [SOLVED]

    The HiDef maps from El-Cel.
  15. Error.. [SOLVED]

    Alright, so I'm playing the game and i download that enjoyable music i love so much.. then i go to get the modified maps. I did everything right so far, I believe. I made a back up copy in case i screwed up like this lol. So i go to play the game, and click on EL.exe icon, at first a finding folder thing pops up for a split second, then it load the game like it's suppose to except it's like a 640x??? ... its a smaller window. Which shouldn't be a problem i can change that in-game .. if i could get there. I go to log in and it doesn't load just freezes for a minute then i get that Microsoft report error saying EL has encountered an error and needs to close ... At the moment I'm backing up my chat_log/notes ect.. and im gonna re-install the game just wondering if anyone else has any idea what I did? Edit:// Fixed it myself lol, sorry to disappoint you guys