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    from your house fridgerator
  1. TY Chosen

    Don't your lips get chapped from all that sucking?
  2. What was your first guild?

    O_o..really? I hardly remember anyone. All of the fun people left awhile ago </3.
  3. What was your first guild?

    Yeah that's the one. It was like 1 n a half years ago or 2..can't remember.
  4. What was your first guild?

    I can't remember..it was that one with that gohan kid from waaay back.
  5. looking for an mmorpg

    Anyone ever played this? I'm ineterested in it and a little to busy to try it.
  6. Who recognises himself here?

    Seen it and it was only semi funny the first time. There's other versions also
  7. I Eat Dead People

    Woo 'bout time a positive perk comes that I'll actually use.. Alch was lame before but this should make it better
  8. No rostogol stone day

    and most people said it wouldnt make a difference without rosts or not
  9. More special days

    There's enough as it is.
  10. EL Mini Movies

    Some grammar errors and it's kinda choppy unless you intended it that way.. but I thought it was good. I laughed when you collapsed and all you did was sit down.
  11. Pick a penguin!

    Are the royals suppose to look so discoloured and ugly?
  12. Summoning Armor

    So you pretty much want an armor+rost combination? I think thats been sugessted before
  13. New EL game!

    never said you had to draw anywhere
  14. New EL game!

    This is when lazyness kicks in
  15. New EL game!

    OH WOW never doin this again I have like 20 hand cramps I call it iron daijen