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  1. Click Walking Bug

    I have the same problem: No inhouse movement unless i move with home or over obstacles as chairs... I also don't see the city/ship/portal room banners, although those ARE in my EL folder
  2. warning to all bot owners!

    Example of how pointless this thread is: If I would buy an item from guild A's bot and sell it to guild B's bot, the following would occur: - Guild A gets money for their item - No Problem here - Guild B pays money for an item, NOT CARING about the origin of this item BUT most of all: If anyone programs a bot to buy an item at let's say 100gc, and does NOT specify the maximum amount that can be bought of this item, the bot would also "lose" money to people who get the item by harvesting/manufacturing/etc. it themselves...
  3. Shivar banned temporarily

    I think that Shivar is making matters worse with every single reply he posts here. My advice to Shivar: Let it go, you risk ALOT more by continuing this nonsense My advice to the mods: one week, comon really: he swears at random, breaks almost every single rule there is AND he can't even respond to his ban with only ONE single mature reply. I think you have been to soft on him because clearly he hasn't learned from his mistakes... BTW: This is NOT my opinion because every time I see Shivar, I meet the sharp end of his blade, it is because, at this moment, he is being the most inmature person who plays EL, ever...
  4. Fun With Magic

    1) Teleport to range through the rooms of the Magic School Maze, simply to end up entering the Portal Room 2) Cast a billion Shield spells, get the idea that I'm an invincible god and try to barefist a fluffy (a/d: 19/18) 3) Feel sad and try to cast posion on myself
  5. Shivar banned temporarily

    Hey, this topic is NOT about whether alcohol makes people irresponsible or not, so hands off this holy subject! Shivar did plenty offences while being sober too, the fact that he uses words like bullshit etc. in a topic where he should be asking for his unbanning shows that he uses this all the time. I was warned once for excessive swearing, and guess what? I simply stopped doing it. If I can stop it, then I guess Shivar should also be able to. It's not like you need therapy for it
  6. belali (again)

    Very kind of you, Entropy. But I'm afraid he will start muling again in less than a month, when the fear has faded away. I can imagine it is really awful to get banned, but if he just laughed away the first time he got banned, he might do exactly the same this time. People like belali should be treated with caution
  7. Tarsengaard Magic School maze

    I edited the first post as shown above... (Yes that means "look at the first post" )
  8. Roanof

    Here you can find the map of this socalled "dark room" And BTW: the laboratory is the entrance to the sewers (check for a hatch near the forge) and it's a wellknown place
  9. Discussing the Book Prices

    Correct me if I'm wrong but e.g.: Iron Mining went up from 25gc to 500 gc, that's TIMES TWENTY ! ! ! 25 gc IS indeed way too low, but I think raising the prices of much needed books times 5 and less needed books 10 times will do... Example: Iron mining is VERY wanted with starting players: times 5 = 125 gc, a reasonable price... Titanium axe construction is only wanted by highleveled, rich players, so times 10 will suffice... BUT MOST OF ALL: I think it should be REALLY well concidered decreasing the prices again, but INCREASING the research points! 2000 research points for iron mining might aswell be 5000 BECAUSE unlike the prices, this WILL AFFECT ALL PLAYERS, not only the poor ones... And it gives more satisfaction when finishing a book In short: LOWER PRICES by 2 or by 4 INCREASE RESEARCH POINTS by 2 or by 4
  10. Unicorns

    Reward: Invisibility cloak (or anything else new or good) Penalty: Hellspawn for a day and some sor of Poison that does 3 dmg/minute for the duration of an hour.
  11. bio_hazard

    Don't go around calling people Nazi's when they're not ! ! ! Just wait untill you see a REAL Neo-Nazi, I'll bet you'll wet your pants...
  12. About capes

    One only I could wear? Or everyone else too?
  13. About capes

    If it got included, people would still see a black cape if i wore it, so i'm guessing they would have to make a special item out of it right?
  14. Scammers of Gamble Bot

    If you would have the brilliant idea of reading my signature, you would know that I am NOT American neither, and I am proud of that too... Corrections: You might have brain, but I for one am quite sure to have brainS Two negative magnets couldn't even crush a simple fly if you ask me, since only a positive magnet is able to attract a negative one... Give me some credit here: You're telling ME that if they would crush my brains with OPPOSED magnets (the irony yet again... ), only one lousy peanut would remain? Now that's cold...
  15. About capes

    Hi, I have noticed that in the folder C:\Program Files\Eternal Lands\md2 there are some cap graphics called for example: cape_mod, cape_moonshadow, etc. I had some questions about this: 1. Did they pay to have their cape put into the md2 directory? 2. Are they buyable ingame or do people have to replace regulars with these ones in the md2 folder? 3. If I would ask to include one i made into the md2 folder AND i would replace my black cape with the new one: would people see a regular black cape or a special cape? 4. If 3. doesn't work, how do I make people see my customly designed cape?