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  1. Child of Stars perk - reduced enriched ratio's

    and btw, a lot of resources (enriched essies & stones) go into getting this perk. People are saying they won't get it, because it sucks - just a thought.
  2. Child of Stars perk - reduced enriched ratio's

    actually, it was slightly better when i was less than 50 http://imgur.com/tsJWJbJ Artificer cape and good astro = best results for make rare
  3. s2e for hydro

    because its more economical to buy the bars from the npc - what with stivy/uzb providing 24hr pk on the route
  4. Child of Stars perk - reduced enriched ratio's

    True Maxine, it is all assumption - but it seems a massive difference to me. I think those that work hard to raise levels high enough, and to get the gc to get this perk should at least get some benefit - not reduced make rare rates. Since I made this thread i have not made another EFE - despite many thousands more fe - my rate has now gone up to 9091 from 8116 !!! 0-50 average: 5114 fe per efe (all without CoS perk, early ones without artificer cape) 50-71 average was 8116 - it is now 9091 - quite a massive difference in terms of averages over time, with CoS perk and artificer cape equipped Total average now is 6290 and dropping every day - this is an average over 446k fe's
  5. Child of Stars perk - reduced enriched ratio's

    yes, with the perk I wouldn't get a positive (bad) make rare astro. In the original post, i stated that with the perk i should be getting better rates (due to not getting the bad astro) - but i am getting much worse rates
  6. Few incorrect formulas in Crafting quest

    I know this is an old post - but confirmed they are still missing from the npc text
  7. Child of Stars perk - reduced enriched ratio's

    Yes, the purpose of negating the red astro for make rare = more chance to make rare !! so no idea what your saying vino revi - my observations are for almost 1/2 million fe - that isnt enough? there are clear differences for my averages with and without the perk
  8. Generating an Income, creating an RPG feel

    Its the cost of the rare items, such as EFE, binding stones which is making anything produced with manu skill more expensive than buying off the NPC - so why level manu skill at all? As for making gc rarer - I have no idea how you think that is going to help now - there is far too much of it already out there - thats just going to make newer players have more of a disadvantage
  9. Generating an Income, creating an RPG feel

    yes, take most armors/weapons/bars/pots away from NPC sales !
  10. Generating an Income, creating an RPG feel

    I am just a mixer - i never do instances/invances/invasions or train on mobs - i enjoy the game and there are plenty of others that do the same That said, some ppl probably do get bored - I would love to see some festive events - maybe some nice gifts from festive quests etc Balance of the economy would also help - there are too many items that have their prices driven by players that impact so many other items prices (EFE, binding stones etc) - NPC them for a fixed price !!
  11. Child of Stars perk - reduced enriched ratio's

    can anyone confirm if this is true? My alc has risen from about 70 to 99 since i came back, and during the time-frame i stated in the first post
  12. Child of Stars perk - reduced enriched ratio's

    skeptic should make the rates worse...as it would be constantly neutral - at the moment i should have neutral/good for make rare astro. Also skeptic would totally negate the child of stars perk - the question really is why my rates went down when i got the perk. Is there something wrong with it??
  13. I have noticed that since i gained the Child of Stars perk, my rates for getting EFE have reduced. My rates for the first 50 EFE were 1 in 5114 fe, (i gained the perk after about 40). From 50-71 (when i definitely had CoS perk) my rates went down to 1 EFE every 8116 fe. Surely this can't be right?? CoS negates the negative astro therefore overall I should get better rates than before, not less. I spent about 2mil gc doing the tutorial quest to get the perk - V dissapointed
  14. Do you use Kusa silver/iron?

    we (Lorc Guild) have used it a few times for guild harv/mix events. Consequences if they were removed ? we would just have to find somewhere else...but whats the problem with having them there? no need to change something that isn't broken
  15. Harvester medallion breakages

    Either something is wrong, or I have just got really bad luck!! Harvesting coal today, I lost 3 harvester medallions in 6 hours. I have skeptic perk, so with neutral astro I shouldn't be losing them like this ! Even before i took skeptic, I never had losses like this even with very bad astro. (i only took the skeptic perk 2 days ago)