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  1. Client Programming needed

    ok.. i am going to cover New skills, and various huge changes to the current, but i have no clue wat the new skills are, and, i am a experince progreaer b/c i do it at school for a class but i am doing it here and need to know were to get teh client :

    i think we should have animals(wolf horse etc) that we could mont and go faster
  3. Client Programming needed

    i am into programming and was wondering if i could be any use
  4. becoming a el programer

    ty soo vary much, i am the tech guy for my guild and was wondering were i coulf go more
  5. The Storyteller's Voyage

    BROM, where to start.. well how bought the first time we met i pm u about your name... brom( a charecter in the book argaon and well everything fell into place since and i first learn a couple of days ago that u live not to long away form. when ever u get the chance email me cctigersrock@aol.com and tell me how u liked the 3rd book in the serios well have fun and.................... ..... ..... ..... ... .. .. .. . peace
  6. becoming a el programer

    i was wondering if there is a way i can help prgram and make this game even better not like it already good
  7. Holiday Party

    Thanks Guys for replying it will be an awsome time. All hang out and have fun that is what it is all about!!!
  8. sorry

    hay, how is evey one doing. i know this looks vary vary bad(for me in general) but i am asking your to unlock my computers ip and let my younger bro make a new charecter, he wants to play( he just tuened 5 yesterday and rules are:no chat gamming intill kindergarden, and he cant play becaues of the stupid things i did, so just delet my charecter and let my younger bro play(and dont worry about my making a new charcter i am grounded from the computer for like a year
  9. Update Info

    great job u guys(girls) cant wait to try your hard work