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  1. So you were extremely lucky. I doubt very much that you would expect to do this every week. I totally agree that fancy stuff is not supposed to be commonplace (even though it actually is). What I disagree with is that, in the case of a great sword for example, I cannot make one for less than the cost of buying one from the NPC if I buy the ingredients. It only becomes worthwhile if I find the serpent stones, in this case. The ability to manufacture it (a game feature) becomes pointless. Oh, you do it for the experience, I hear someone say. Not likely, xp is much more easy to get from clouting a few monsters. Specific xp in manu comes back to the old grind away at leather helms.
  2. Game ethics

    There are plenty of people, who already lack these "ethics" without actively encouraging them to be "evil."
  3. I think this is a sensible suggestion. As new things have been introduced over time, usually for the higher level players, it has led to inconsistencies for those at lower levels. EL would benefit from standing back & taking a lookat the whole picture, and restructuring level based things where necessary. Of course, this is not a very sexy use of time when compared to new, exciting stuff, but it would imho improve the game experience.
  4. Server problem?

    Anyone else experiencing problems? I can ping the site, but I can't connect. ok, so not the server (OVH problem again): traceroute to www.eternal-lands.com (, 30 hops max, 52 byte packets 1 localhost.localdomain.org ( 0.668 ms 0.663 ms 0.649 ms 2 adsl-87-102-0-254.karoo.KCOM.COM ( 20.182 ms 20.205 ms 20.483 ms 3 ( 19.978 ms 20.757 ms 19.892 ms 4 ( 20.488 ms 20.198 ms 21.411 ms 5 ( 26.409 ms 25.903 ms 25.834 ms 6 * sw1.tc.lon.ovh.net ( 177.087 ms * 7 20g.rbx-1-6k.routers.chtix.eu ( 33.541 ms * 30.559 ms 8 rbx-33-m1.routers.ovh.net ( 31.011 ms 30.556 ms 30.008 ms 9 * * * 10 * * * 11 * * * 12 * * *
  5. Server problem?

    Repeat performance today Your proxy3 server doesn't work either Learner.
  6. Server problem?

    Service resumed ..... 9h later. No idea
  7. Server problem?

    Game or website, there are obviously network problems (at least from the UK). Looks like they're trying to reroute, but still problems: traceroute to game.eternal.lands.com (, 30 hops max, 52 byte packets 1 localhost.localdomain.org ( 0.689 ms 0.657 ms 0.647 ms 2 adsl-87-102-0-254.karoo.KCOM.COM ( 19.606 ms 20.453 ms 20.180 ms 3 ( 83.288 ms 39.454 ms 170.494 ms 4 ( 20.423 ms 20.482 ms 20.271 ms 5 ( 22.859 ms 22.950 ms 22.637 ms 6 ( 23.155 ms 23.175 ms 22.951 ms 7 ae-4-4.ebr1.London1.Level3.net ( 29.523 ms 29.130 ms 29.500 ms 8 ae-100-100.ebr2.London1.Level3.net ( 29.329 ms 29.831 ms 29.519 ms 9 ae-43-43.ebr1.NewYork1.Level3.net ( 97.831 ms 98.123 ms ae-42-42.ebr1.NewYork1.Level3.net ( 98.746 ms 10 ae-3-3.ebr4.Washington1.Level3.net ( 104.467 ms 115.118 ms 108.841 ms 11 ae-74-74.csw2.Washington1.Level3.net ( 103.295 ms 113.859 ms 108.613 ms 12 ae-72-72.ebr2.Washington1.Level3.net ( 133.291 ms 133.075 ms ae-82-82.ebr2.Washington1.Level3.net ( 117.060 ms 13 ae-2-2.ebr2.Chicago2.Level3.net ( 133.774 ms 135.317 ms 134.510 ms 14 ae-1-100.ebr1.Chicago2.Level3.net ( 134.254 ms 134.055 ms 135.011 ms 15 ae-3-3.ebr2.Denver1.Level3.net ( 157.960 ms 164.891 ms 161.802 ms 16 ae-1-100.ebr1.Denver1.Level3.net ( 168.047 ms 170.511 ms 160.369 ms 17 ae-5-5.car2.SaltLakeCity1.Level3.net ( 282.891 ms 194.457 ms 222.934 ms 18 ae-11-11.car1.SaltLakeCity1.Level3.net ( 157.196 ms 156.779 ms 155.661 ms 19 VIAWEST-INT.car1.SaltLakeCity1.Level3.net ( 156.457 ms 156.757 ms 155.918 ms 20 ( 156.226 ms 156.301 ms 156.136 ms 21 gige-10-00-s11.crrt02.slc04.viawest.net ( 156.911 ms 156.441 ms 157.417 ms 22 ( 157.943 ms 157.754 ms 157.384 ms 23 vi-011.aggm01.slc05.viawest.net ( 157.951 ms 158.442 ms 254.250 ms 24 * * * 25 * * * Similar problems via Learner's proxy (but i think that is in the UK as well): traceroute to proxy1.other-life.com (, 30 hops max, 52 byte packets 1 localhost.localdomain.org ( 0.765 ms 0.681 ms 0.647 ms 2 adsl-87-102-0-254.karoo.KCOM.COM ( 21.014 ms 20.236 ms 20.924 ms 3 ( 191.066 ms 35.010 ms 115.065 ms 4 ( 47.762 ms 210.691 ms 73.619 ms 5 ( 22.524 ms 22.946 ms 22.681 ms 6 f3-0-im1-br1.router.uk.clara.net ( 23.674 ms 23.686 ms 23.166 ms 7 f0-0-0-im1-cr1.router.uk.clara.net ( 24.697 ms 23.974 ms 23.150 ms 8 g1-1-6-gs-cr2.router.uk.clara.net ( 31.574 ms 31.345 ms 31.097 ms 9 ten0-0-0-gs2-cr1.router.uk.clara.net ( 80.816 ms 95.409 ms 199.079 ms 10 g8-1-gs2-ar2.router.uk.clara.net ( 31.287 ms 32.036 ms 31.527 ms 11 gi0-0.router2.tagadab.customer.clara.net ( 31.596 ms 31.548 ms 31.015 ms 12 * * * 13 * * *
  8. Map Editor Help

    I think this is probably something simple, but I'm at a loss and would be grateful for a kick in the right direction I have compiled the editor from CVS for Linux x86_64, and put the binary in my EL folder. I can load existing maps fine. However, if I start from scratch and try to select a new tile, then there are no tiles shown in the popup window (even if I scroll up and down with +/-). In addition, changes in the mapedit.ini file do not seem to be followed. So for example, changes in resolution, display grid do not have any effect. I also set the data_dir to my EL folder too. Cheers in advance
  9. Compiling Map Editor

    That was it .... thanks again bluap
  10. Compiling Map Editor

    Thanks for that blueap. Seems to compile ok now, but there are problems. All icons across top of screen are just solid blocks of colour. No text anywhere. I remember seeing something similar to this in the forums previously, but I haven't found where yet.
  11. Map Editor pack-guild map updating info

    Is there a linux binary of the map editor, or is it a case of compiling from cvs?
  12. Pinned map editor tutorial

    Hi, just went to look at the map editor tutorial, and found it to be no more. Geocities was closed down a couple of months ago. Does this exist elsewhere?
  13. Traffic in NC Near Storage

    Firstly, I agree it is extremely annoying ....... BUT why should we alter the landscape to make things easy. You know the game could be altered so that we don't have to do anything, but what would be the point? Waiting for the flames ......
  14. I have just tried the alchemy quest (school in tropics in DP, can't remember the NPC name). and I have to say that this strikes me as a really good way to teach new players to the game a lot of stuff about how to play. There is lots of information about the use of essences etc., best places to get raw materials etc. etc. Well done Radu on the idea. What would be really good though is if there was a similar quest for each skill, with the emphasis on giving out information in each case. Perhaps then also when people go to see the priest/priestess of a particular god to become a worshipper, they could be directed to the appropriate quest. I enjoy doing the quests generally and feel that they bring a lot to the game, but this particular one made an impression on me. Cheers All!
  15. Learning through Quests

    Perhaps I should edit my previous post about "best place". It's not about saying go here to do this in the most efficient manner, it's about informing new players how they can make a good start on practicing a new skill. Giving them some incentive rather than them feeling overwhelmed about how difficult this game is, and quitting before they even get going. Whether you 'poof' an ice dragon armour or not is entirely up to the player.
  16. can't find server

    It's a routing problem, presumably only for some people or this forum would be much more busy. I can trace the route to eternal-lands.com only as far as the ovh.net network. Go and do something else and try later.
  17. Cities?

    Hi All, was this proposal from a couple of years ago here totally dropped? Still seems potentially to be a great idea to implement.
  18. New engine test, linux

    I get a segmentation fault with warning.log containing: File 'terrain.dds' is invalid. A valid DDS file must not set DDPF_LUMINANCE as pixel format flags. No other error messages in rest of log files. GeForce 9600 GSO
  19. Quest time!

    Well, I really enjoyed that, and judging by the number of players obviously doing the same thing, so did many others. I appreciate the problems involved in incorporating quests into EL, but I do think it greatly enriches the game and is a worthwhile pursuit. Thanks for the effort in getting it up and running, but more please!
  20. New Perks

    OK, so we've got several new perks in the game ..... One, Ethereal Ranger, Wilhelm Tell (why is it this, rather than William btw?), but very little information about them. Would people who have taken these perks or know more about them like to give some info out to the general community?
  21. which linux to use for el?

    Sabayon Linux here. Basically Gentoo, but without the hassle of it's installation. Works "straight out of the box", and you have the choice of using both source or binary versions of software.
  22. It occurred to me that it might be useful to include astrological indications/predictions in the stats panel. Obviously, these would just be a question mark if no stones/NPC had been used. Just to make my life a little easier, rather than writing stuff down
  23. Bag Timeout

    The number of times I've lost bags because I'm just guessing the time is phenomenol & I guess I'm not the only one. Would it be possible to stick a timer on there?
  24. Gamma control under Linux/Beryl

    Hi, any linux users out there with a clue as to why the gamma control in EL doesn't work when using beryl as windows manager. Everything is fine if I switch back to my "normal" manager. Cheers!
  25. Gamma control under Linux/Beryl

    Thanks for that Torg; sounds reasonable, if a little annoying that I have to swap windows managers