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  1. Macintosh OS X port interest?

    If you need any external testing just let us know. I'm sure several of us will be willing to run any tests you would like. that goes for me as well. i have a friend who would love to get on EL and his wife as well. I have a mac mini here that i would like to get in the game. i tried compiling the bsd version but no luck.
  2. zik0 bagjumper

    well this person has been in MM cave all weekend peeking into bags and taking items. when i tried to message him he did not reply for a long time, then claimed to speak polish. so i had someone from PL talk with him, but he did not respond to them. just wanting to let everyone out there in MM land to be aware of this person when he comes near. today there was about 8 LNX members having an fe party and he walked right into the middle and sat on our bag. that is a bagjumper if i have ever seen one.
  3. google.com user?

    At the bottom of the forums I saw this: 15 guests, 20 members 1 anonymous members Carpathius, Wytter, Grum, smokey_the_bear, Google.com, jasonx_2k3, TheDesolator, kl4Uz, Lachesis, Kit, Quinticus, LadyWolf, Alderan, Fox Lupine, Tidus, Gecko_Master, Ciara, Placid, emtor, Kendai, KillerQween 'google.com' strange.. i wonder what that is all about. It was not an actual user, at least the name is not clickable in the list. some spider bot or internal thing?
  4. El T-shirts

    what manufacturer of shirt is this printed on? hanes, fruit of the looms, polo, gildan, hanes beefy-t? im only asking because they are all so different in sizes. a medium in one is very different from another. i would like to purchase one, i wear medium or large depending on company. thanks!
  5. 1.turn on/off or make perminent all categories what this does is allow things such as heightmaps, 3dobjects, 2dobjects, etc. to be viewable at all times or not. someone could click on 'turn off 3dobjects' now you can easily see heightmaps and other objects while editing and looking for bugs in the map. Also heightmaps could be turned on persistantly while working with 3dobjects, which would be great to assure allignment. 2. more adjustable views. pros: easy 360 with granular precision for ease of view. better map testing as it resembles actual client views. ability to look at more angles. cons: overhead in program
  6. Lilacs at VOTD

    its sad, no flowers in graveyard. well, at least i know how to spend my time in the days before the update. =) (its really more about the red roses, i dont use lilacs).
  7. Exp Calc for New Players

    iostr's link appears to be down? has anyone mirrored this calculator or made a new one?
  8. Complete List Of key Commands

    i just found this again in another post, ctrl-r, and came back here to post it but see you already have. funny how that 'official commands' list does not have it on there.
  9. cvs client, #storage command

    maybe you guys should report a timestamp of what cvs you are using - 'latest' could mean anything.
  10. Complete List Of key Commands

    im not in game to try it and forget what the key is, but you can setup a spell and use a hotkey to execute the last spell. are there more 'secret' hotkeys like this, and please if you know it reply to which key combo does the above.
  11. map editor

    Latest Map Editor That's the newest one out there (aside from CVS if there have been changes in the last week). I'd recommend unpacking that into your directory and use it, it has changes including objects for the update 1.0.2 so you'll have all the latest and greatest. Of course you can always wait for the official 1.0.2 release.
  12. Map Size Issue

    however it happened, it unfortunately did. but nice that it was able to get fixed and now i'm back to editing the map.
  13. National hot dog eating championship

    i watched this on ESPN, couldn't believe to what lengths they went to televise it. It was hilarious to see them characterize the different contenstants. "The Black Widow" was one of the names given to a top runner, they had her dress up in black and did this cheesy little movie on her. All in all it was pretty gross watching people eat all those hotdogs, especially the methods they used: breaking the dogs in half, shoving them in and then soaking the buns in water and sloshing them down. They would do close-up shots with the camera and it would look like vomit pouring out of their mouth as the breaded water oozed from their lips. Uh, i'm gonna be sick thinking about it!
  14. Map Size Issue

    thank you so much, that is a HUGE help!
  15. Map Size Issue

    well that would explain quite a bit! thanks, good luck!