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  1. Iv served my time ;)

    Rogue banned me, but you know what? iv got a life and dont need to be bothered over a stupid game.. yeah theres a lot of nice people but there wasting years away playing this all day long.
  2. Iv served my time ;)

    it was a year ago.. lol think my whole life revolves around this?
  3. Iv served my time ;)

    Yes because they didnt get banned and got stats reduction instead. I got banned so why stat reduction aswell?
  4. Iv served my time ;)

    because it said a one year ban lol?
  5. Iv served my time ;)

    Can you unban me now? iv done my time its been a year and should have been unbanned sometime last week ta.
  6. public apology

    I didn't insult mods and devs you know i didn't My history aint bad either
  7. Sorry!

    Me neither
  8. Hunt for _ZED_ and toomass

    Paladin is _zed_ and Mitosh.. i think paladin was banned so he used zed noob... pm me in-game
  9. Macroing Hall of Shame

    My name aint there looks like i woz tellin teh truth eh <EDIT> Bugs is duckman
  10. The hall of shame

    Thanks Ladywolf, was hoping someone would notice
  11. The hall of shame

    My name was in the list once or twice but because im in -EF- i still get punished. Thats screwed up.
  12. Patriotic work

    So our punishment is being a NH you'l need to teach me the commands etc...
  13. The hall of shame

    Mine was on it once or twice and im not being redeamed
  14. Patriotic work

  15. Patriotic work

    Good idea i need some dedicated newbs, i tryed helping before and they just ignore me and walk away...