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  1. item switch in inventory window

    In the Inventory window, right-click on the top of the window, on the resulting options list, turn ON "Allow Equipment Swap", and then you can do exactly what you want, by clicking and dragging an item from inventory onto a similar item that is equipped.
  2. help me

    At midnight, my wifi router shuts down so my kids will be forced to either go to bed, or at least find another way to amuse themselves. Perhaps you have a parental control in a similar fashion, either in your house or even in your ISP.
  3. Client problem.

    I can imagine that trying to run Vista on that PC would be like running through mud in a monsoon with ankle-weights on. New video drivers may help the game to start... but as for running the game with any sense of movement... you are unlikely to be happy. While "poor man" will get you started, your frame-rate would be near zero, and rabbits would be impossible to hunt. Sorry my friend, I know the news is often not good, but I suppose a PC newer than 8 years old is unobtainable? Edited for Typo ;^)
  4. disconnected from server?

    Do you have any firewall software installed that may need "opening up"? XP will not stop any connections to external ports, but if you have a 3rd party firewall (e.g. Comodo, Zonealarm, Nortons patented "BlockEverything 360" etc.) it may need attention. From a command window ("Start", "Run", type cmd and press <Enter>), type "ping game.eternal-lands.com" If that works, then the server is accessible, but perhaps your port 2000 is being blocked by something. The trick is to track down that "something". Edited a stupid typo ;^)
  5. Yetio and Yascarus Bagjumps

    As you're unwilling to provide details on the events leading up to the incident, i personally am unwilling to give your claims any credibility. (Obviously everyone will make up their own minds, this is just my point of view.) Usually when someone's unwilling to discuss the entirety of a bad situation, it's because at least some degree of blame for it's occurrence can be placed on them. LOL... sorry, but I saw only a picture of one person sitting on a bag (that in reality might even have been his), with two other players standing nearby. I have stood near people before also, and I have even sat on a bag near people. Does that prove me as a bagjumper. Nope... maybe as Korrode says, more evidence is required one way or another. I don't say it is not true... just that the burden of proof falls on the accuser.
  6. When was playername last online?

    A mirror to something that no longer exists will not work so well. Labby said his server (and all the databases stored on it) were blitzed. As the database was only being collected on Labby's server, I strongly suspect it is all gone, lamentably. Have a lovely day Stewbaby (TC)
  7. New engine test (terrain)

    Mobile IntelĀ® 945GM Express Chipset Family ~165-170 FPS, regardless of zoom
  8. Gold membership

    The "farmers" exist because there are buyers. This, in essence, is saying "All you lazy b@st@rds get off your virtual butts and mine your own resources". I find it hard to believe that folks will, with one hand, buy their silver/diamonds etc rather than spend the effort mining it, then pour vitriol on those who are prepared to get their resources for them. I have always mined my own stuff and only bought stuff I cannot make... but many of the top players cannot afford the opportunity cost, so contract it out. Neither approach is wrong, but only one group of players is being targeted at present... the hard workers that are being paid for their sacrifice (not easy to level chars when you spend all your online time harving for others). There is no "solution" because there really is no problem. Have a lovely day, Stewbaby
  9. Gold membership

    I voted no... mainly because I, and many others, already HAVE a "gold membersip" through having purchased a Pay to Play Character. This was done to support the game and to get a simple "point of difference". I know that Radu's income from EL has dropped off recently, but perhaps there are other causes than the "target du jour" (gold farmers). One example, constant invasions, would slow down any economy, with peaceful players running and hiding rather than risking almost certain death. There are also many of us out here in the real world who are not actually able to get USD without significant exchange losses, so some players would have to pay up to double any proposed fees for EL "membership". I favour the "if it ain't broke, don't fix it, and if it is broke diagnose the actual problem". Kneejerk reactions are always gonna bite you in the end (e.g. look at how an attempt to stimulate PK, the attribute cap, has really achieved the desired result... NOT) Not a starter IMO. Have a lovely day, Stewbaby
  10. Yes I opt In Game name: Stewbaby Gender: Male Gnome (both ingame and IRL)
  11. Lottery spice up

    Next Sunday, between 15:00 and 16:00 GMT, most probably. How is the announcement made? If the player is not online when they win the lottery, what happens? The announcement time is between 3 and 4AM here... and I will be in hospital anyway (just in case I win ;^) Stewbaby
  12. When was playername last online?

    And apart from being truly anal, do you demand such information from every server on the 'net you have ever touched since you first logged onto the 'net? Every server keeps logs, even the ones you pass through on you merry way somewhere else. I really think you take yourself a little seriously, and should maybe take a look at the bigger picture... the one that isn't focussed just on your own trousers. Thanx for the great FREE service using PUBLIC data Labby. Ignore the ignoramuses and their orbiting morons cos they just don't have any fun that doesn't ruin someone else's day. Stewbaby
  13. Are you an EL oldbie?

    May 2004... lost in the big "Crash of '04". Didn't know there were forums for a long time, and didn't register, then just lurked for ages. Stewbaby
  14. Gods of Eternal Lands

    Although I am game godless, and have been since before the "Crash of '04", I support the idea. I think that as the basic structure is there (temples and such) and the quests for many have already been developed, there is very little real need to keep them out of the game. It will add a new dimension... especially if folks have to still only choose 3... they would have to choose carefully. Those with game gods can be happy, and we with the godless perk won't be too bothered. Add me to the "Yes please" column. Stewbaby
  15. RC 2

    As one of the previously "problematic" Intel chipset users... I am pleased. After 6 or 7 hours playing, RC2 has no crashes. That is with Stars, Moons, and Sun all turned on (which caused crashes previously). There is also none of the messed up textures so far (spiky trees etc.) Video performance is up quite a bit too. Thanks for the good work Stewbaby