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    Tarsengaard - before the troubles...
  1. Digging up old ghosts.

    <unstealth> I do <restealth>
  2. I am officially disabled

    Yes, it's in big bold red letters...say RICH *sigh* and this from LadyWolf? Kinda glad I don't play anymore when people STILL slate guilds/groups based on a dislike of one member. Big hi to MrMind, Molime and any of the others who remember me though
  3. which game shud i play now?

    'TheDoctor' you're a bigot . Once you know EVERYONE in RICH then feel free to slate us all - until then your're exhibiting bigotry - an unreasoning dislike or predjudice against a group either racial, political, religious or, in this case, a guild.
  4. This is _ZeD_

    Even with the advantage of English being my first language and working support for a lot of people to whom it is not....I didn't understand that
  5. Age survey!

    33 - and fondly remembers Conflict on the Amiga - still gets my 'Best Game' award for being so damn funny
  6. Teleporting

    I've seen in action too Brom and seen it balanced using cost, in terms of mana. I would suggest that in addition to the essences that the mana cost would be 60-70. This would make either idea an expensive proposition to be abusing
  7. Crankyness

    I'm willing to make that pledge - but then again I'm happier on EL cos it means I'm not in work
  8. Whats your favorite map?

    As I've posted before, Tarsengaard is my favourite map - though it may be that the new continent will draw my affections at some point once it's all complete/in place
  9. Teleporting

    Well, I would assume that most people would untick the option on their settings box before entering a PK map On the second point regarding harvesting - just how willing do you think people with a magic skill that high will be to be used as mules? Think that occassionally it might be used like that but not on a regular basis
  10. A search in Suggestions doesn't show anything regarding this (searched using the term teleport - never realised just how much that word is used on this particular forum ). The idea would be to have a new spell called Teleport to Player at around 45 magic skill. This would be similar to the current Mod bamf* function, allowing a player to teleport to another player, regardless of location, providing that the target has the 'Allow Teleport?' box on their settings box ticked. The fact that it would be a player set function would hopefully prevent it being abused for harassment, cheating in 'hide and seek' contests, etc. Now - please explain to me what obvious abusive of this I've missed! *Bamf - a MUD term used to describe Mods/Imms/Gods ability to teleport themselves to any player. From the Nightcrawler comic character and the sound he makes arriving/leaving via teleport.
  11. Stealth+running

    I'd guess that I'm not going to be the only one to tell you this Comet but both of these ideas have been raised before The running one seems to have been dismissed immediately and the stealth (sneaking) idea has never been dismissed outright, so I assumed it is one of the many suggestions which are 'under consideration'.
  12. Bad Object

    Tested and confirmed. Happened to me when I was travelling west --> east along the south bank of the river, about 10 seconds before I saw the bridge.
  13. Book sale

    Following complaints from the devs for spilling the beans the books of EFE have been withdrawn from sale
  14. RICH and MrNiceGuy

    @Atahn I realise that the MrNiceGuy name is mentioned in outlaws (stating that dave24ohio had changed his name to MrNiceGuy), but from what I could find there have been no incidents linked with dave/MrNice since that name change occurred. That was my meaning Here's hoping that he can remain on the side of community and become a friend/ally in the future
  15. RICH and MrNiceGuy

    MrNiceGuy was asked today to leave RICH. We had been informed of a previous character called dave24ohio owned by this player which had appearred a number of times in the Outlaws forum. Investigation in the Outlaw's forum does not seem to show ANY entries regarding the new character MrNiceGuy. As such we have extended to MrNiceGuy an invitation to re-apply (if he wants to) to RICH in two months time if he remains out of Outlaws. Why this post? So that MrNiceGuy leaving RICH will not be interpreted as resulting in any wrongdoing by him. To our knowledge he has not done anything in his brief time with us and it is only concerns for RICH's reputation that caused this action (insert audience laughter here). He seems to be on the straight and narrow now and we wanted to make sure that this parting of the ways would not be seen as evidence against him. Regards, Gadai.