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    PK'ing nabz :P
  1. Thermal Tit.Long

    Ok.. So I thought someone was going to buy it today.. But they never.. So it's still for sale.. I have a COL too, so I could do a trade for a Magic Serp.. If anyone is willing too.
  2. Membership

    Go on the main EL website. And go to the Shop, there are things you can buy in-game for U$D. P2P races, Swords, Essences, Armours. And few other bits & bobs. Then you either send the money over PayPal, or post it. Then Ent or Roja will do it for you.
  3. Sorry EL

    Heh.. It's me.... Again.. Anyways, like the topic title says.. This is generally a public sorry to the whole community of EL.. Mods & Devs included.. The way I have acted in EL over the last 1-3 weeks, has been, some what.. bad.. Some of you may say worse than that.. And through the process I have lost many of my friends I have had during EL.. I admit.. Few.. Still talk to me, and stuff.. But majority of you treat my like sh**.. Which I guess, is caused by my own actions. I should firstly start by saying sorry.. Too people I attacked during PVP.. Yeah it's not exactly against the rules.. But it's not honorable.. No matter who is PVP'ing. Secondly.. Too those of you who were my friends befor I started doing what I did.. (Heh.. thats not much more than now..) I guess none of you thought I could turn out like this.. I don't expect anyone to forgive me for what I have done.. And I don't expect none of you like me.. I just hope you give me a second chance.. (Learner too..) too prove I can change.. Thanks, and sorry. Arigorn.
  4. Need an EL review

    I know what Atlantis means.. It's more of a fact sheet type thing, rather than a review. Good piccys though.
  5. Magic S2E

    Ok. I got a Magic S2E for sale. Looking for a good offer.. 50k+ I would also trade it for a Crown Of Life. Or 35 EFE's
  6. Selling Health Ess

    I'll buy 1k for 6kgc
  7. Can I modify my Encyclopedia?

    If they do give you permission, post it I'd want one with more stuff like exp for each level.
  8. [SIE]

    Both FPS, just different time zones.
  9. Drag0n1

    Intresting.. o,O
  10. Buying: COL or COM.

    Cause Market is crap?
  11. Buying: COL or COM.

    Yep, I'm buying either.. Crown Of Life OR Crown Of Mana. I can offer lots of items in the trade, such as: Tit.Chains Iron Greaves Iron Cuisses Iron Plate Bodys EFE's Tit.Serps Tit.Longs Mirror Cloaks --- If you are intrested in doing a deal. Leave a message here.
  12. keyboard+Mouse+monitor

    lol.. How old you think it is? 20 years old? rofl..
  13. I will be starting playing again.

    Weeee! Now I get to PK you more? Oh.. and.. uhh.. WB!
  14. i seem to have lost a post

    That happened to me too, lol.
  15. Bye

    Noone, because Newcastle are crap. oi Ya, whats wrong with Newcastle?