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  1. very old players

    always nice to check back
  2. very old players

    EL served as my parents while I grew up
  3. Glory Days.

    I enjoy old screenshots Back in the day, I had to travel across Tirnym 10 times in the snow in 1 day, just to get to school.
  4. Screenshot Thread

    Are you superstitious??? its been one of those days
  5. More Signatures.

    Maybe we can have nardo dancing in the background :bow_arrow: EDIT:::::::FIXT
  6. NPCs

    Honestly, I feel the UI is too mushed and my attention span cant last through all 20 options. / Big fancy rp words Either that or Im used to old el without awesome quests EDIT to not seem liek an ass: I certainly apprecaite the effort put into them, It ahs changed teh game quite a bit
  7. More Signatures.

    Nice work, curious what you can do with the letters J J and a K (lol @ legend of Zenial) Maybe you can do somethign with this?
  8. the irony

    delete me
  9. Alfred

    HAY again Alfred
  10. Your El Story Time

    Buried deep in Fort Garsin hoping for the best, 15 Players guarding me, killing all the rest. UTi and *CO* refuse to let me die, Knowing that the person killing me would claim the prize Foolishly I thought that i was invincible to them, Out of nowhere comes a player summoned 20 chims. The guards assumed it was no problem I would feel no pain Noone of ever noticed that he would TP to range. Distracted by the creatures, my guards they sure did fight, Unfortunately it ends there, I diddnt last the night. The winner and the loser both meet up at beam. Shaking friendly hands together, what a one man team.
  11. Buying Crown of Life

  12. Buying Crown of Life

    Trinity suggests 69k - 74k, but i am able to offer around 80-90k I have had no luck finding a seller past 3 days, so I advertise here :-) You can Pm JJK ingame if youre willing to sell a COL (Free backrub when transaction complete)
  13. Eternal Limericks!

    *co* is tough they always must fight crack of dawn or late in the night This thought I have held about the second EL guild The Rangers were first get it right Radu, gotta get this off my chest unless I tell you i just cannot rest and all of the mods players and gods This games more than fun, its the best! Nardo my friend you are groovy Jeze my dear youre a cutie Learners so smart I loves Rojas art not meaning to make this sound fruity
  14. Video Problem starting game

    I also have problems when changing resolution. What I do to fix my problem: Change resolution to desired (Even though it buggs) Close game (Alt+X) so that settings save Open EL again If EL crashes when changing fullscreen, you can change the default setting by editing el.ini file, which is inside Eternal Lands directory hope that helps