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  1. Ipaq25

    plz note i have now stoped i repeat stoped my scamming ways
  2. Ipaq25

    [PM from ipaq25: trade something for that sord] [PM to ipaq25: which sword and soz i gave em to a noob mate cos i am a noob] [PM from ipaq25: the one you are wareing did you find it] [PM to ipaq25: this ones not forsale and a m8 gave me it for free] [PM from ipaq25: i give you better sord for it] [PM to ipaq25: what sword ?] [PM from ipaq25: better armor if you like] [PM from ipaq25: steel chest and steel long for that one little sord good deal!] [PM from ipaq25: so] [PM to ipaq25: by chest do u mean plate ?] [PM from ipaq25: uper part of your body yes] [PM to ipaq25: ok were u wanna meet] [PM from ipaq25: im in VOTD lets meat there] [PM to ipaq25: dont know how to get there just type #beam me up ill be there] ipaq25 wants to trade with you. Use the trade icon then click on him/her in order to accept the trade. [PM from ipaq25: becide you] john_sillver: u said steel long john_sillver: hey john_sillver: u said steel long [PM from ipaq25: wait i have to get ] [PM from ipaq25: or this] john_sillver: u go get ipaq john_sillver: i want steel long not iron lol john_sillver: ill wait here [PM from ipaq25: ok] ipaq25 wants to trade with you. Use the trade icon then click on him/her in order to accept the trade. ipaq25: hi [PM from ipaq25: ty] [PM to ipaq25: hey] [PM from ipaq25: what mate gave you the sord] [PM to ipaq25: u ripped me off 9 k] [PM to ipaq25: no fair trade back] [PM from ipaq25: you agreed] [PM to ipaq25: i did not no im a noob and thats scamming] [PM to ipaq25: oh soz wrong lvl thas how nooby i am ] john_sillver: ipaq25 plz give it back im soo annoyed just imageine if u were me
  3. Groedius Made Pkable

    may i just say the only thing i did wrong was to scam rogue which i see is not against the rules. theres no rule that says no scamming so what did i do wrong ? if you ask me rogue is abusing his powers and made me pkable to annoy me after scammming him
  4. Groedius Made Pkable

    also i have to ask how long shall i be pkable for
  5. Groedius Made Pkable

    im guessing you played a game called runescape.... you may be able to get away with that kind of stuff there... but not here your lucky your only pkable..its people like you who ruin good games people keep saying they guess i play runescape but what the hell is that i have never heard of it also i am not lucky to be only pkable its so annoying and i dont ruin games i play them
  6. Forget This

    1 im not a scammer ! and 2 harryw aint leaving and neither am i ha ha ha haaaa
  7. Forget This

    you can now forget eternal realms as i shall never play again because of rogue ! and he has framed me for breaking rule number 12 and made me pkable when i have done nothing wrong so some1 help me out plz or i shall never play again
  8. Groedius Made Pkable

  9. Whats Going On

    i pmed entropy says name dont exist
  10. Whats Going On

  11. Whats Going On

    some one help me plz !
  12. Whats Going On

    help me someone has changed my pass because its says password invalid what do i do ?
  13. Can I Ignore Someone

    theres a person who keeps following me and asking questions wherever i go i have not tried pk map yet though and i was wondering if theres any way that i can block him so he can not speak to me ?
  14. Black List.

    im quite new to game dont know very well and managed to get a free titanium serpent sword and ipaq25 decided toscam me and traded me a steel chain and long swordfor it and i accepted because i did not know how much it was worth and im really annoyed
  15. Iron And Steel Armour

    crannog u know u gave me that free titanium serpent of some1 there did some dude called ipaq25 scammed me for it and i didnt realise i traded it for steel long and steel chain