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  1. First of all, I do not want my age to affect anyones opinion of the matter. What I did could be considered as a crime, but I don't know whats the big fuss for? I was bored at the time and I thought what the heck why not? I'm sure a lot of people tried that, so why not me too. I guess I'm up for some punishment, not that I really care, there are still a lot of bots that I can still use... I guess. Whatever.... just want to ask a mod to close this so no more letters are used on the "exploit looking ""hacker"" "bigshot" bot ""scammer""....
  2. By the way... I was offended not by your word, but by your silence... I asked a couple of questions, and I didn't get the answer for, and I was wondering why Lyndy said that you had willingness to host our bot, and many other stuff concerning the matter (I don't remember at the moment) after your conversation with her, while I didn't get anymore PM's from you... And I'm sure that you are a capable bot servicer and I have no doubt in your abilities, but I really care about my friend Lyndy, and I'm going to support any of her decisions and help her bot have a safe stay in EL, and I would never cheat... I don't believe in unhonorable stuff and actions, I always return death bags even if its just a bunch of flowers or potions, an for your information, I didn't write this to change your mind, I really do not care if I'm banned at your or any one's bots, I am not pissed off because I got caught in the act, because I did nothing wrong, despite your opinion of me. Sincerely, Zoki
  3. lol i didn't say that it meant something, it was just an example... and I'm serious you got a problem m8t...
  4. More joy \o/.

    More like this
  5. [21:06:08] [PM to Passion: withdraw ] --- [21:06:12] [PM to Passion: store] --- [21:06:19] [PM to Passion: help] --- [21:06:28] [PM to Passion: adminhelp] --- [21:06:35] [PM to Passion: advhelp] --- [21:10:00] [PM to Passion: inv] --- [21:10:19] [PM to FlameKeeper: inv ring of] --- [21:11:35] [PM to Tina: inv ring of] --- (--- is the response of the bot) OK this matter is resolved but I like to have it in the open the fact that i tried that commands is true, but if i wanted to hack and/or make one of the bots give me stuff i would not use the obvious commands, but rather send a 4-32 bit coded sentence... I merely used these commands to see only if they work, I was not in a trade with that bot, nor was I near it (and yes I was on the same map), as you may or may not know that my guild (-KA-) is getting a bot, and this was lets just say, kind of a test. We have yet to choose whose bot service we will use, but most likely it will be Learner's because I was highly offended by LabRat. Sincerely, Zoki.
  6. Some help PLS

    OK thanks a lot all of you (I didn't know that you can TS only 1 stat) and a note to Chosen, I can TS up to -19 with no problems but i have to use a moon med, just wanted to know if that is a better solution than what you suggested. Sincerely, Zoki
  7. i killed luci

    If any1 got that pic very slow here is one thats way faster and i got rid of the unnecessary things
  8. Some help PLS

    I think its a bit too late for that guide...
  9. Some help PLS

    ok guys i got a/d/p/c/w 54/52/22/32/8 other attributes are at 4, and i have 3 pps free, Human nex is 5 and i need some help on what should i fight, where to put the pps and how to evolve my char in the future. Sincerely, Zoki
  10. Sky Client Test #1

    I meanth seeing your legs-body-hands when when you look down (just like we can in real life) oh and i think that the drop menu with right click on ground is a nice addition
  11. Sky Client Test #1

    I like the sky very much, and the new "perspective" the game feels a lot warmer now. Yes the FP camera is quite low, but i like it. Btw. The roofs of the houses and caverns from the inside are missing is there a way to add them, because i think that first person camera will be used quite a lot in the game after its officially added, but it would be a more real touch to the game if we could see the roofs from the inside. Oh, and would it be possible to see your legs while in first person camera? Sincerely, Zoki
  12. Selling a Magic removal stone Starting bid 200k Increments 5k Buy now 240k I keep the right not to sell if I don't like the price. Ingame name same as here.
  13. More joy \o/.

    Here is mine hope you like it
  14. Zoki banned?

    yes i know for example dropping a bag in the middle of the sto... where there are always people present? Why would i make a lame mule when i can harvest almost anything (except for the higher ores and minerals and those that i haven't got a book/nexus) it would not pay off to get banned...
  15. Zoki banned?

    Rotflmao, please could you check your mod logs from the game... Have I traded soy in anyway?