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  1. Screen Shot Contest!

    geesh shasso...thos are ausome..i wish i could even do half of that ..
  2. Death Message

    Great idea..i like it because sometimes when i kill ppl they often ask for their stuff back when i return it they tell mwe thats not what they lost when i know it is...makes me mad when i have to give em my stuff
  3. Fun Little Game

    yay ebaumsworld i love that place..sadly ive done everything there is to do there ive also done everything on: Joecartoon happytreefriends albinoblacksheep and a couple others by autofilms almost all of them but im to lazy to post
  4. Paranormal"

    I did but i think it was fake (like always though)
  5. What Animal Are You?

    Whay do I have to be co-leader why not LEADER!!! hmm?? why cant you play your cards right im the one who can afford guilds for stuff like this mwahahaha ive alredy owned about 4 diff guilds myself.
  6. Massive Cooperating Mules Discovered And Locked.

    Ban him.. Because it is right mwahaha..also because he did it once too many times..bad bad bad..
  7. Screen Shot Contest!

    wait a screenshot for el?? i cant cause i dont have it right now sry .. also what are you judgeing on? how centerd it is, the angle its at the caption?? what?? or are you just picking witch one YOU like the best.. Regards..
  8. Widdle Wabbit

    for everything else there must be some credit card i could put it on w/o being sued mwahaha...
  9. What Animal Are You?

    yea what he said see my name under my avatar?? DEER mwahahaha Deer Group: Members Posts: 69 Joined: 7-May 05 From: err. I dont know.. Member No.: 7,832
  10. What Is Ur Favorite Smile ?

    haha i love your smiles roland..they move and stuff..very nice
  11. It's Time To Play The Game!

    Lol a noob saying hes the game? Very rare for a noob to be the game.. sad actully..
  12. This Has To End Now.

    Not the same -_- I refuse to say they are alike..
  13. Paranormal"

  14. Spring Has Been Here For Some Time .....

    lol tanyia...hehe..
  15. Nooby_noob

    yea justice_knight has a point.. Kinda umm whats the word for this... OBVIOUS...eh?
  16. This Has To End Now.

    its not even close to her suggestion..very much different..
  17. Spring Has Been Here For Some Time .....

    Or a statue of the Almighty Projoe mwahaha!!! lol
  18. This Has To End Now.

    the ideas i think will work best for us is mine lyannas and crannogs altered idea..!
  19. What Animal Are You?

    Your Animal is: Whitetail Deer You are a Whitetail Deer! Whitetail deer are beautiful and plentiful. They are usually quiet and do not bother people. They are playful yet cautious. Many respect the deer. Deer are usually underestimated... wow same result three times oin a row and i am answering all of the questions as honest as i can..TANYIA..lol
  20. What Animal Are You?

  21. What Animal Are You?

    Hey, whats that supposed to mean?? big meenie
  22. Paranormal"

    nah..I have a friend who can show you the logicle explanition...infact i can buttt..id have to show you like some pics and videos and stuff like that.. but it could all be set up..just remember that..
  23. This Has To End Now.

    here let me explain my SIMPLE suggestion once more: When you die from monster or man you will go the the underworld (like always) After going to the underworld a dice will appear on your screen if you lost any items. There will then be a quata on your screen of what you have to get on the dice like: Get a # less than three! If you lose your bet a message will appear saying somthing like this: If ou want your items back you have lost in death then you must do this quest-(this quest will be set buy a dufficulty lvl going by your overall lvl) Below you have two buttons- Yes, I will do this quest! or No, it's a waste of time. If you select No, then your items will be placed where you died.. Its very simple for people to understand and it gives em all a chance to get their items back The dice was added bacause if you do meet your quota than you will get your items w/o doing a quest- but thats the luck part! Simple enough now?
  24. El Workshops

    I could help but id have id have to wait till i get back to my old computer.. I could help with all subjects provided..even give the newbies some armour and stuff also if i help them i myself could get exp so its a good thing!
  25. This Has To End Now.

    well..why should they have to do a quest if they dont want to?? if they dont want their stuff that bad then why make them? YES or NO is what i mean not just NO..