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  1. Screen Shot Contest!

    Man I wish I could post a pic so sad
  2. Screen Shot Contest!

    ppl will donate to that? wow i have been gone long
  3. New Avatar

    Mwahahaha ill fight that army...(please dont hurt me)
  4. Me So St00pit

    lol yes im sure everyone in this games done that its very fun
  5. Thermal Serp

    dude if someone offerd 800K take it take it!! then you can simply just buy you lvl 60+ from someone...people would muych rather have 800K than a therm for a lvl 60+
  6. New Avatar

    wow so mean to pigs
  7. Screen Shot Contest!

    yes you can tell by his name
  8. Screen Shot Contest!

    please roland plz plz plz post a pic
  9. New Avatar

    lol ...yepper your right ..lol
  10. Thermal Serp

    I have had 3 therms in all my game time..once bc cheated me for my first one then he sold it to hit his first million then i sold my second for hmm i think it was 200K...but i dont know..--but i would have traded in a heartbeat for a lvl 60+ lol..
  11. Screen Shot Contest!

    yea roland put one of yours up
  12. New Avatar

    I couldent have been for Thanksgiving because he still has it
  13. New Avatar

    eeeeeeeeeep you ate his pig!!!!!!! you ebul ebul person !!!!!!!! lol..
  14. Screen Shot Contest!

    lol i liked shassos just my opinion
  15. New Avatar

    as are you and the llama..but I doubt that you could compare to that show on nick called jimmy nutron...for that fat boy..geesh i forget his name
  16. Screen Shot Contest!

    oh ok i get ya
  17. New Avatar

    nah thats more of a relation ship for life lmao..
  18. New Avatar

    lol...i dont think the pig and placid will break up soon
  19. Screen Shot Contest!

    wait your ending the contest and making shasso win?? well then gratz shasso..
  20. Afk Auto-boot

    No because what if the are helping their mom or dad or somone and theye are afk...after 1hr if you make em PKable and they die ... What if they have there fav pair of plate on and a thermil sword?? not to fair eh?
  21. Best Rappers of all time!

    got a pint...but i do like 50 cent...
  22. Screen Shot Contest!

    but that would still be over three eh??? i like em though..
  23. New Avatar

    Nice avi ....that was funny when you said forget placids pig ...haha.. :\
  24. Screen Shot Contest!

    i liked the one where he was fighting that fluffy with the magic
  25. Death Message

    I just like the message at the top of the screen thing..it should be like moving across the screen geeshs i wish i could use an html tag so i could show you my idea