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  1. Suggestions...

    great suggestions...i like em..
  2. Funny Hacker Wanabe Lol

    seen this a bazillion times
  3. Best Rappers of all time!

    I got my guilds name from a song from LLcoolJ Knocked Out.. mamma said knock you out! yea!
  4. Burntface Man :s

    there not bad...not my kinda cartoon...but not bad!
  5. Screen Shot Contest!

    wow yours are teh best to bad there can only be three but wow...great pics...id like to be in that one with all the magic swords..(me and my therm )
  6. Best Rappers of all time!

    NO comment
  7. My Char Dont Exist.

    eeep...id hate for projoe to be hacked and stolen! If ya need anythng when I get back ingame PM me! Always glad to help!
  8. Tayyar

    Probbaly are...When I scammed long ago I had mutiple accounts built them up as strong chars then scammed scartissue outta his char..then gave it back after i took all his stuff outta his bank and inv..(bad bad bad)
  9. Thermal Serp

    Not that i still scam hehe btw (i dont)
  10. Thermal Serp

    Shoot if Toomass could scam you outta your serp im sure i could how easY
  11. Guild ~ko~

    I cant play till june, but I just wan't to know is the guild name ~KO~ is still there? I just wanted to know cause im making a site for when I come back so I can buy it again! heres the link: http://www.freewebs.com/bsstowe/index.htm I have it on advanced mode so I dont really have a template just a nice EL green backround, scroll bar..my own nav...and some other thimngs remember its not done yet i havent got all the pages yet...thank you, Projoe and if i spelled anything rong on the site can you please correct me...(bad speller) I changed it once more to this site...its very incomplete!
  12. Guild ~ko~

    Thank you. When I come back to the game in June I will buy ~KO~ again (for the fourth time ) and then the website will be complete by then hopefully
  13. Past Life

    ohhh June 21 1987 get mine!
  14. Oddball

    Wow I got 3 right I think thats good for me
  15. Screen Shot Contest!

    but what about the people who edit all of their surrondungs...like make their char a ausome looking thing and stuff like that???will it be accepted?? Im just asking because that could have some advantages over people who cant do that sorta thing...... PJ,
  16. Do people role play in game?

    used to rolePLay...with my friends..ogle ..roland and mabey some others... it was pretty fun...but.wen stoped after a week or two.. and if you started a role playing guild ...couldent you just put the guild itself at a high enough rank to accept them and higher their rank? Thank way everyone pitches in to make the guild not just one person constantly working? (i see a flaw in that plan)
  17. hunting of cats to be legalized

    It dosent look to fake...eh but ive never owned a cat..just dogs, rabbits, fist, horse, and i think i once owned a snake..oh and some parakeets.. And I dont live there so i dont care!
  18. A Suggestion For The Rostogol System

    I would...Id rather it ware out then get stolen the first day i wear it For some reason I always lose my plate the first day i get it,..then i have to buy more My addiction to the PK maps
  19. A Suggestion For The Rostogol System

    Ohhh..i like that idea...I would gladly hand you 100K and put it on my plate armour..then you wouldent here me complain every time i lose a peice of plate
  20. Tayyar

    Yea roland never bag trade with me mwahsaahaha
  21. Player Tyreal_the_holy Want To Scamm

    Did you fal for it, i mean did you actully give him your pass and name? -haha " "..-
  22. The Eternal Marathon

    darn date...i wont have my computer by then
  23. Looser

    lol..then bring him to me...
  24. Looser

    hahaha...did you set themlike that or did they do that by them seklves? funny....
  25. Things Guys Wish Girls New

    lol those rukles are so accurate.. very true are they!