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  1. To all our Friends!

    Weee and a reception!! Where we will stampede the women and rape the horses!!! Love you both and you know it.IM so there(like i wouldnt be)
  2. Looking for a guild

    YOu might want to look into guild FeaR..We are a recently combined guild 1pk and the other all arounders. No new website as yet but if interested post in DAO forums or NAC forums.
  3. Horses

    Well if you want to fight off of a horse why not make it horse to horse only such as Ye Ole Joust etc or range each other. Would also open up option for saddles and horse armor (barding) and so on.//which could fall under a number of skill classes or be a cross skill item.i bet that would kick up the demand for horses to a whole new level and offer a chance for events and tourny's. if this all been suggested before id like a mulligen on this post please i couldnt narrow it down on search function
  4. Highest Offer

    300k in game bid
  5. hand cannons

    Thus begins the EL arms race! Next stop the GNUKE!!! crazy gnomes
  6. Red dragon helm of life and mana

    ill go 240k for helm
  7. ZIP guild

    we got a ig with only #Ig [E_mc2:ZiP] red tag :> dont know why since wehardly ever pk..not worried though #Ig [beanmaster->ZiP] red tag back at you thats all ..let the games begin
  8. Should you stop playing EL

    Got a better one...Just meet your spouse in game then you know she is already hooked..wolfy and i have been together 3 years now and still both play
  9. Auction/Selling Stuff

    ok ill go 31k on stone
  10. Auction/Selling Stuff

    26k on fr remove stone
  11. Auction/Selling Stuff

    20k on fr removal stone
  12. How Did You Get Your EL Name?

    my name comes from my friends hyper active children..They like to cling all over me when i visit and not listen to there parents.So one day i threatened to shove beans up their nose if they didnt listen and even went so far as to chase them around the house with an open can of them.Now everytime i visit the game is "run,its the beanmaster!" and the race is on.
  13. Pesnja is a thief

    gee id kill to put in my 2-cents on this but topic topic topic!
  14. 5 More Guild-Rented NPCs

    cool and i hope from first set we learned a bit more..a few added features such as pm for inv..(player) or pm for inv (guild renter) would be nice..personally i was so caught up in the bidding and making sure present functions on bot worked it never crossed my mind until after...my bad! sorry folks I'm only a peripheral visionary!....i see the future but only out of the corner of my eye!
  15. funny pics

    bleh! that funny pic jow posted was the brits attempt to poke fun at americans (me) in guild.