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  1. Macbook keyboard help please.... :-)

    mucho thx for all the help :-)
  2. Macbook keyboard help please.... :-)

    \o/ oki sorted the graphics :-) a combo of the troubleshoot options has sorted that out I now have shadows, reflections, sky and all that good stuff i never had before ! is sooo preddy :-) so just need the keyboard tips if anyone knows
  3. Macbook keyboard help please.... :-)

    Next is jumpy graphics - its got a much whizzier spec than old pc (colours are amazing!) but walking around and animals movement is jumpy especially in larger maps. Have been trying out changes to draw distance and turning off reflections etc, but still jumpy even with Poor Man :-/
  4. Oki, new to Mac, using macbook which has wayyy less keys on it than old pc keyboard :-o 1. Anybody know how to get a # hash in game? it works here on alt+3 but doesn't do it in game. 2. trying to edit afk message, my backspace doesn't work in the text box, and I can't drag-select the text or do a copy paste I expect there will be other things I find I can't do, so if you got any other hints I would be grateful :-) tyvm in advance
  5. tbh I dont know how you guys manage *without* a few veg nexus, it must be a royal pain in the u-know-what to not even be able to mix up a few SR's By the time the newbie has got through the tutorial they should have some idea how to play the pp's, and at least now it is possible to remove/transfer them with stones. In early EL, you couldnt take off anything without a reset, you got it good already you just dont know it lol
  6. How to cook meat - no longer stone age

    Yay! pan-fried for crispy edges great new feature, ty
  7. Peace Day Tourist

    Today we went to Hulda, and look what we saw Out walking the chimmies, they need their exercise... are yoo lookin' at me? he's behind yoooo..! **Disclaimer** don't do this unless its peace day
  8. Auction : Book of Thermal Sword Manufacture

    revised price... :-)
  9. Halloween art contest

    how about 'doing a skill' - like it could be fighting, summoning, potion making, manufacture, etc ??
  10. The search for the Dark Order

    i forum pm'd the location to you..... so was I right or wrong? dashma hasnt been online since I missed her by about 30minutes on monday......
  11. ** SOLD ** Selling book of special swords construction - the pre-requisite for all fire/ice/magic/thermal swords. pm me ingame if interested
  12. The search for the Dark Order

    well I think I will give up looking, I think I know where they will be, but they are never online when I am
  13. Halloween art contest

    woohoo!! thx roja i really like your art contests (just cant get radu's cryptic contests lol) some really nice pics here - well done to all what we doing for the next one ??
  14. el women

    i dont see it as any problem, and i'm sure ent wasnt being derogatory (spelling??) with it. most aspects of the game are already s/he and 'he or she' anyway. cant get hung up about such small things.