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  1. I don't even know what i was doing.. talking to mihaim just trying out some french and i got banned... its not like i cussed him in french i'm not that far long... can anyone unban me i didn't do anything...

  2. Lookie here like i said i got the evidence I can pwn yndi with ease..... :D



    -------You are in WSC Arena [32,35]

    Game Time: 02:45:00

    YnDiAnA went the same place that Goldy the Gold Fish went.

    [PM from YnDiAnA: you return stuff? xD]

    [PM to YnDiAnA: no]-------------


    HEHEHE how about dem apples so for the record yndiana sucks and can't kill me

  3. Yndiana said for a train earlier today and then had me killed lost a lot of stuff and its just another scamming incident watch out for him and be care when you train...

  4. Heya i need some quick cash so i have a list of stuff i'm selling

    -- If no price listed below then just pm me ingame for the price

    Also i am buying some items...


    200 Air ess only 6gc a piece

    1.5k gold ore-- SOLD

    2k silver ore--SOLD

    500 iron ore--- SOLD

    1k tit ore--SOLD

    900 diamonds

    3k coal

    1 tit long- 950gc

    3 iron battle hammers

    5k bones

    1 conjurere cape

    150 magic ess- 14gc a piece

    1k fire ess- 3.5gc a piece

    4 serp stones


    MANY Rare books

    5 tit mining

    1 steel shield construc

    1 bear fight

    1 magic potion book

    1 portland ring book

    7 isla ring book

    1 potion of feasting book

    3 tit molding

    1 garg summon

    1 iron axe construc

    3 tit short construct

    3 orc fight

    5 potion of summoning

    3 book of steel axe

    2 sun medallion building

    2 puma summoning

    2 potion of manufacturing

    1 narilk ring building

    1 uni med budiling

    1 dp ring building

    1 cyc fighitng

    1 crafting potion

    THanks thats what i am selling..





    500 health ess

    3 moon medallions

    2 unicorn meddalions-- (bought from bkc56)

    2 steel shields cheap...--(bought from bkc56)


    THanks post here and pm me ingame :blink: At ATTACKINGGOD